How to Get from Lisbon to Porto

Your public transport options between Portugal's two biggest cities

Porto, Portugal
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Portugal has two real jewels for cities that should be a part of any Iberian adventure. Plus, transport between the two is quick, easy and cheap, making it a no-brainer to visit both when you visit Portugal.

On this page, you'll find all the information you need to get from Lisbon to Porto by bus, train, car and flights.

    What's the Best Way to Get from Lisbon to Porto?

    There isn't much difference in price between the bus and train, so I'd take the considerably quicker train. But if you're staying near the bus station, you might prefer that option rather than 'commuting' to the train station.

    But why not consider a stop en route? The university town of Coimbra is a fantastic stop along the way between Porto and Lisbon. Alternatively, the bus stops in Fatima.

    With trains leaving Lisbon at 6am, 7am and 8am and with the last train back at around 9pm, you can get a full day out of a day trip to Porto. I think Porto deserves a lot more time than a day, but if your main aim is to try the Port wine at a tasting session by the river, you can certainly do this in a day. 

    Staying in Porto

    Still, I'd say Porto deserves at least a night's stay. If you want to have make a speedy return to Lisbon, your best bet is stay close to Campanha train station in Porto. However, if you're staying longer in the city, staying near Sao Bento station will give you better access to the city center.

    Taking the Train

    There are frequent trains from Lisbon to Porto. The journey takes about 2h45 and costs around 25€.

    Trains leave from Santa Apolonia and Oriente train stations. Santa Apolonia is the more central station and more likely to be where you want to get the train from, though Oriente is closer to Lisbon airport.

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    Lisbon to Porto by Bus

    The bus from Lisbon to Porto takes about 3h30 and costs about 20€. There are buses every hour or half hour throughout the day. The bus station, called Sete Rios, is a little to the north of the city. In most cases, it'll be easier to get to the train station.

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    Driving to Porto from Lisbon

    The journey from Lisbon to Porto takes three hours and is about 300km.

    Is it Worth Flying?

    There are flights from Lisbon to Porto but they aren't worth it. Flights can be cheap as 80€ return but the train is cheaper and quicker when taking into account check in time at the airport.