How To Ensure You Get Enough Sleep As You Travel Solo

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This has long been one of the challenges that many solo travelers will encounter, with travel often including night after night in dorm rooms with several other people, and it is almost inevitable that at some point during your travels you are likely to get some level of sleep disturbance. Flight and bus schedules can also contribute to this, with trips beginning in the early hours of the morning, or leaving a hotel late at night to head to the airport for that next step on the journey. It is important that you keep an eye on your sleep, try to manage your jet lag, and make sure that you don't sacrifice too much in order to cram in everything you can to your travel experience.


The Importance Of A Good Night's Sleep

There are many benefits that come with good sleeping patterns, while the downsides of not getting enough of the right kind of sleep can lead to headaches, exhaustion, and even mood problems. Sleep is a natural healer, and those who do have good levels of sleep find that their joints and blood pressure are naturally lower, and even an improved memory is one of the side effects of getting plenty of sleep. Being more alert to your surroundings and being able to think more quickly are also important reasons to get plenty of sleep, so it is vital that if you do want to make the most of your trip that you get enough sleep.


Choose The Right Hostel

One of the biggest reasons that many people will struggle to get enough sleep is that they will simply check into the wrong hostel, and choosing one without a bar that doesn't have a reputation as a party hostel will certainly help. Many upmarket hostels will give you a little pod that can close off the rest of the sleepers, making it easier to sleep well. Those hostels that do have a reputation for hosting a good party may be a good place to visit for a night or two, but all that alcohol will have the effect on others in the hostel, as people who drink alcohol before sleep are much more likely to snore.


Keep Your Ear Plugs Handy

It is almost inevitable if you stay in hostels regularly that you will eventually come across somebody who snores very heavily, or have the occasional movement of gas as they sleep. While earplugs will not solve the issue of the smell, they can certainly help to keep out the noise of the heavy sleeper, and will help you to drop off more quickly than if you have resorted to the rolled up pieces of toilet paper in your ears.


Get To Bed Early

This is one of the key tips if you are struggling to get to sleep because the movement or noise in the dorm room is disturbing your natural sleeping pattern. If you can be one of the first to bed you will often find it easier to drop off to sleep as the room will be quieter, and if you do use ear plugs this can help to avoid the problem of getting woken up by people as they come to bed at different times. This approach also means that you will usually be up early, meaning that those queues for the shower and the breakfast facilities should be better too.


Splash Out On A Private Room From Time To Time

Ultimately, if you continue to struggle to sleep and find yourself tired and irritable as you travel, you may want to see if the benefits of a private room will help you to get that much needed sleep. A private room may cost a little bit more than the hostel bed, but if it helps you to wake up refreshed and well rested then that can often be a big advantage in the long run.


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