Getting Around Germany

By Car, Train, Bus, Or Plane

ICE Train, Germany
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There are many ways to explore Germany, depending on your itinerary, personal taste, and budget. Find out how you can best travel around the country from renting a car and flying down the Autobahn, to actually hopping on a plane, to enjoying a relaxing train ride.

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    Frankfurt Skyline
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    What’s the fastest way to get from Berlin to Frankfurt? Is it cheaper to take the train or opt for a plane if you want to travel from Munich to Hamburg? Or is it better to rent a car and drive down the Autobahn?

    Our series on how to get from one German city to the next offers all of this info, including which transportation options are fastest and most cost-efficient.

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    ICE Train, Germany
    ••• Michael Pereckas

    One of the best ways to discover Germany (and Europe at large) is by train. Deutsche Bahn or "DB", the German railway system, is very well developed and reliable. You can reach almost every city in Germany by train; not to mention that watching the German landscape stream by your window is a very relaxing and comfortable way to travel. The

    This overview on German trains provides vital info to help you travel by train. Also read up on German train tickets and special offers to discover how to get the best deal like the Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket which offers five travelers the ability to ride the regional rail for just 40 euros for a weekend.

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    German Autobahn
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    Do you want to rent a car and travel on the world-famous German Autobahn? Driving in Germany is straight-forward, but with lots of rules. Our post on rules of the road will help you navigate at high speed.

    Check out our tips and find helpful information to navigate German roads and get the best rental car for your trip through Germany.

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    German Fairy Tale Road
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    Of course, it is not all about the destination. Sometime the trip is an attraction in itself. Hop in the car and make the journey your reward. Germany offers many scenic drives and themed roads that will lead you past quaint villages, medieval castles, and unspoiled countryside. From the Romantic Road to the Castle Road, from the Fairy Tale Road to the German Wine Route, here are the roads best traveled in Germany.

    And rest assured that Germans love their cars as well. The car lover's guide to Germany points you to the best auto destinations in Germany, from BMW World Munich to Racetrack Nuerburgring.

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    Berlin Linien Bus
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    Not everyone has the budget for train or car rental, and buses can be a great way to see the country.

    One of the best German bus companies is Berlin Linien Bus. Their buses are cheap, comfortable, environmentally friendly and a good option besides train travel or driving in Germany. In addition, Berlin Linien Bus has a very extensive network throughout Germany and Europe and offers great deals for city hoppers.

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    Air Travel in Germany

    Lufthansa Plane, Germany
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    Traveling by plane is actually one of the worst ways to travel through Germany. You miss the wonderful German landscape and it is often far more expensive than the other options. Many flights also stopover in other countries, making flying inconvenient and longer than necessary.

    That said, finding cheap flights is possible. Watch for deals between hubs like Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin. There can also be an element of surprise with deals like German Wings blind booking.

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    Departure at a German Train Station
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    Another key element for your travels is speaking a bit of Deutsch. It's true that most Germans speak English, but a little German can go a long way and is always appreciated. Speaking German with the sales agent at the ticket counter or your fellow travelers on the train can make travel easier and more enjoyable.

    In our German travel glossary you'll find common German vocabulary and expressions related to rail travel. Learn how to book your train tickets in German, and get to know essential phrases that you can use on the train or in the train stations.