How to Get a Georgia Marriage License

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Getting a marriage license is easy and only takes about an hour. Find out how to get a Georgia marriage license before your wedding.

Steps to Take

  1. Gather two forms of ID for each person wishing to get a Georgia marriage license.
  2. Both parties getting married must be present to obtain a marriage license, so grab your significant other and head to a Probate Court location in your county. Find a list of Georgia Probate Courts to obtain a marriage license.
  3. At the Probate Court office, obtain the application form and complete it. On this form, you will designate if you will be changing your name after marriage.
  4. You must pay a marriage license fee, which varies by county. If you wish to get additional certified copies of your marriage license (helpful in the name change process), you can pay an extra fee and you should also bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  1. You will retain ownership of the license. You must present the license at your marriage or union ceremony and have it signed by your officiant. Once signed, you must mail the license back to the State of Georgia to be certified.
  2. Once the State has recorded the union, the certified copy of your Georgia marriage license will be mailed to you, along with any additional copies you requested.

Tips and Tricks

  1. If you are a Georgia resident, you can get your license in any county.
  2. If you are not a Georgia resident but wish to wed in Georgia, you must obtain your license in the county in which you will marry.
  3. You can get a discount on marital license fees by completing a qualified premarital education class. Requirements vary by county.
  4. Allow at least 1 hour to complete your forms and wait to be serviced at the Probate Court offices.

Necessary Information

Be sure to bring the following valid identifying information and payment in order to secure your marriage license:

  • 2 Forms of ID per person (drivers license, passport, etc)
  • Both parties present
  • Cash for payment