How to Get a Florida Fishing License

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Florida is a fisherman's paradise! From Miami to the Florida Keys, you'll find some of the best saltwater and freshwater fishing spots in the world. If you'd like to join the area's anglers, you'll need to obtain a Florida fishing license. Follow the process below, step-by-step.

Get a Fishing License

  1. Determine if you need a license. The following individuals do not need to purchase a license, there are other exemptions for freshwater and saltwater licenses listed on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission website:
    1. Children under 16
    2. Florida residents aged 65 or older
    3. Florida residents who are in the military, stationed outside of Florida, and home on leave for 30 days or less
  2. Try fishing on Free Fishing Weekend. If you're not sure that fishing's for you, the first weekend of April is a free fishing weekend. No license is necessary for freshwater fishing in Florida that weekend.
  1. Determine the type of license you need. You may purchase any of the following types of licenses:
    1. Resident 12-month Freshwater OR Saltwater Fishing License
    2. Nonresident 7-Day Freshwater OR Saltwater Fishing License
    3. Nonresident 12-Month Freshwater OR Saltwater Fishing License
    4. Resident 12-month Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing License
  2. Purchase your license. You can purchase your license online if you're willing to pay a surcharge. Alternatively, you may purchase your license by calling 1-888-FISH-FLORIDA and pay a surcharge. Licenses may be purchased without a surcharge at a county tax collector's office or for a small fee at many fishing stores.

    What You Need

    • Proof of residency (for resident licenses)
    • Major credit card (for online or telephone purchases)
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