Should You Get a Barcelona Discount Card?

Are They Worth the Money?

'Tourists watching colorful fountain Font MA gica show at Montjuic MNAC. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.'
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The Barcelona Museum Pass is cheap and gets you in for free at some of the best art museums in Barcelona. The ARQUEOticket is even cheaper but only gets you into history-related museums. The Barcelona Card gives more free activities than the other two cards and includes free public transport, but it is more expensive and is limited to two to five days' usage.

Overview of Barcelona Discount Cards

The activities included on these cards differ greatly.

The Barcelona Card may have the most free activities, but they are not necessarily the best. And free transport isn't as good a deal as it may sound, as public transport in Barcelona is cheap.

  • Barcelona Card: 45€ for three days to 60€ for five days for 20 free museums and activities and free public transport. Buy Barcelona Card
  • Barcelona Museum Pass (also known as Articket): 30€ for free entry to six art museums, valid for six months Buy Barcelona Museum Pass
  • Barcelona Card Express 20€ for two days for discounts on dozens of Barcelona sights, as well as free public transport.  

For the fuller picture of which Barcelona discount card you should get, read on.

Barcelona Museum Pass (Articket)

  • Price 25€ Buy Barcelona Museum Pass
  • Duration Three months from first use

What the Barcelona Museum Pass Gets You

Entry to seven excellent art museums in Barcelona.

Major Museums on the Barcelona Museum Pass

All of these, apart from the Picasso Museum, can be found on the Barcelona Card too.

How to Get Your Money's Worth from the Barcelona Museum Pass

The prices of each site are listed above.

In general, visiting three museums will cover your entry price, so really you need to visit four of these museums before you start saving. 

The total price of entry to these six museums would normally be 57€.

What the Barcelona Card Gets You

The Barcelona Card is the more inclusive card, but it comes at a price and can only be used for a very limited number of days.

The 45€ card, usable for three days (60€ for five days) gets you free entry to 20 museums in Barcelona. These are subject to change so check with the vendor to confirm.

Major Museums That Are Also on the Museum Pass

Price in brackets is the normal entry price.

  • Museu CCCB  (6€)
  • Museu Fundació Miró (11€)
  • Fundació Tàpies (7€)
  • Museu MACBA (10€)
  • National Art Museum of Catalunya (MNAC) 12€

Major Museums Only On the Barcelona Card

  • Museu Caixa Forum (varies)
  • Cosmocaixa (4€)

Other Museums Only On the Barcelona Card

  • Museu Chocolate
  • Museu del Modernisme Català
  • Museu Egyptian
  • Joan Antoni Samaranch Olimpic stadium
  • El Born Cultural Centre
  • Botanic Garden of Barcelona 
  • Museu Blau 
  • Music Museum 
  • Santa Maria de Pedralbes Royal Monastery 
  • MUHBA El Call 
  • MUHBA Placa del Rei  
  • MUHBA Refugi 307  
  • MUHBA Roman sepulchral way 

Discounts With the Barcelona Card

These are subject to change so check when you buy.

  • Free Leisure Activities Golondrinas, Mirador de Colom, Torre de Collserola
  • 20% Discount at
    Parc d'Atraccions del Tibidabo, Ciberc@afé Insòlit, Poliesportiu Marítim - Centre de Talassoteràpia, Zoo de Barcelona
  • 15% Discount at
    Barcelona Bici, Barcelona Mar
  • 10% Discount at
    Casino de Barcelona, Imax, L'Aquàrium de Barcelona
  • 50% Discount at
    Museu Picasso, Museu Militar
  • 40% Discount at
    Museu del Perfum
  • 30% Discount at Fundación Francisco Godia, Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya-Barcelona, Museu de la Xocolata, Museu de l'Eròtica, Museu Egipci de Barcelona, Museu d'Història de Catalunya
  • 25% Discount at
    Fundació Fran Daurel
  • 20% Discount at
    Centre Cultural Caixa Catalunya - La Pedrera, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Fundació Joan Miró, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC), Museu Marítim, Drassanes de Barcelona
  • 12% Discount at
    Casa-Museu Gaudí, Temple de la Sagrada Família
  • 10% Discount at
    Museu del Futbol Club Barcelona President Nuñez

How to Get Your Money's Worth

At 12€ to 15€ per day, you'll need to go to one of the major museums and use the metro several times (metro tickets normally cost 1€ per ticket if you buy a 10-ticket pass) just to break even, so you'll need to visit two museums per day to make any savings.

Barcelona Card and Museum Pass (Articket) Compared 

For the Barcelona card to be worthwhile, you need to visit at least two museums per day out of the 20 available. For the Museum Pass (Articket) to be worth the money, you need to want to visit at least four of the museums on your trip.

Barcelona Card Express

The cheapest card is the Barcelona Card Express. At 20€ for two days, it gets you unlimited public transport and discounted entry to over 100 attractions in the city.

But as usual, it's going to be hard for you to get your money's worth. Even assuming five journeys per day on the metro, that's still 10 euros you'll need to save elsewhere.