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We could all stand to be more fit. You should exercise at least 20 minutes a day most days of the week. Joining a gym can be the best things you do for yourself.

Little Rock, like most major cities, has all types of gyms from specialty wellness centers and boutique gyms to centers with fitness machines that are almost self-service.  There are also some unique fitness opportunities in Little Rock.  Here are some of the best.

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The Jim Dailey Fitness and Aquatic Center (War Memorial Fitness Center)

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The Jim Dailey Fitness center is one of the more popular gyms in Little Rock. They have an indoor pool, an indoor track, aerobic equipment, classes, a tennis court and trainers. They offer Zumba and a myriad of other classes. Located at 300 South Monroe (near War Memorial Stadium), 501-664-6976.

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Powerhouse Gym

KATV uses Powerhouse gym for their take on biggest loser. You could be a big loser without being on TV as they can construct a program for you. It's a big gym with two floors and 20,000 sq feet of space. They also offer group classes. 1428 Merril Dr, 501-227-6401.

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Little Rock Athletic Club

The Little Rock Athletic Club has a wide variety of equipment and offers classes in everything from yoga to Zumba. They have tennis, an indoor pool and can ever offer physical therapy and therapeutic massage. Located at 4610 Sam Peck Road, 501-225-3601.

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10 Fitness

There are three Little Rock locations (HWY 10, University and Rodney Parham), and ten locations total in central Arkansas. The gym has a nice selection of equipment and offers some classes. The hook is that it's just $10 a month with no contract. Some locations are open 24 hours a day. 1-855-691-0348.

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Barefoot Studios Yoga

Barefoot Studios offers yoga classes for beginning and advanced students. They are located on 3615 Old Cantrell Road, 501-661-8005.

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The Little Rock Climbing Club

This isn't a gym, but it's a fun way to get fit. They offer 30 climbing stations, overhangs, a bouldering cave and climbing courses. They offer climbing classes and climbing for kids too. They are located at 12120 Colonel Glenn Road, 501-227-9500.

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CrossFit Little Rock

CrossFit is the latest fitness craze and it combines weightlifting, sprinting, gymnastics, powerlifting, kettlebell training, plyometrics, rowing, and medicine ball training. I don't CrossFit, but I've read good things about CrossFit Little Rock on the CrossFit forums. They are located at 1021 Jessie Rd. I've also heard good things about CrossFit Conway.

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Krav Fit

Krav Maga is a self-defense system that involves striking techniques, wrestling and grappling. It's also good excercise. You can get a free lesson to learn more about Krav Maga. They offer beginner and advanced classes. Located at 1205B S. University, 501-664-5728.

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Clubhaus Fitness

Clubhaus Fitness offers BODYPUMP™, pilates, kettlebell, yoga and other cardio classes.  They have personal trainers and a wide variety of fitness equipment available.  They offer high end amenities like massage and wellness and nutrition services.  Located at 1207 Rebsamen Park Road, 501-916-9587.

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Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is a large facility with classes and modern machines.  Their main selling point is that they are open 7 days a week and staffed 24 hours a day. They offer fitness for all levels of health.  Their motto is "no gymtimidation."  Located at 11400 W. Markham St. in Little Rock, 501-313-5074.

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Arkansas Fitness and Athletics

Arkansas Fitness and Athletics offers semi-private personal training.  That means that workouts will be tailored for you personal goal, but you'll also have a fun group setting.  One of the trainers was trainer was on American Ninja Warrior.

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Local Walking and Biking Trails

If you're not looking to get ripped and toned, walking is the perfect sport. Walking or cycling are among the best exercises you can do to stay fit. You don't have to pay at all to use one of our local walking and biking trails. The best is the River Trail which connects over 20 miles of trail leading from downtown Little Rock to Pinnacle Mountain.

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