How to Get a Personalized Oklahoma License Plate

2010 Oklahoma Native America license plate - Sacred Rain Arrow' sculpture

 State of Oklahoma / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 1.0

For many years, the standard Oklahoma license plate was based on Allen Houser's "Sacred Rain Arrow" statue and featured an Apache warrior shooting an arrow. For 2017, the state released a new design that was not universally well-received. A sky blue color, the plate is centered on the state bird, a scissortail flycatcher. If you want something different or would like to make a statement with your car's license plate, there are several options available to you. You can apply for a personalized Oklahoma license plate or a specialty plate dedicated to a cause or organization. Here's how to do it.

Custom License Plate Procedure

Decide what you want: Do you want a personalized plate (a unique word or set of numbers)? Or do you want a special license plate that displays a specific organization, hobby or cause? If it's the latter, you should make your selection from the list of options. If it's a personalized plate, you'll need to come up with several different possibilities in case your first choice is taken.

Get an application: Applications are easily downloadable in Adobe PDF format online. You can find an application for a personalized plate and a listing of all the available specialty plates. Or, if you prefer, you can pick up an application at any Oklahoma Tag Agency.

Fill out the application: For a personalized plate, you'll need to specify six choices in the order you prefer them. The application also asks for the following information:

  • Name, address, and phone
  • Background color choice (default is white)
  • Vehicle information including year, make, model, title number, and regular license number

Fees: Getting first-time personalized plates costs under $30 and typically takes about 4 months to process. Personalized plate renewals take about 2 months. Payment should accompany the application and be made out to Oklahoma Tax Commission. Make sure to include your driver's license number on the check or money order.

Sign and mail: Make sure to sign your application. Applications can be submitted in person to any Oklahoma Tag Agency or mailed to:

Oklahoma Tax Commission 
Motor Vehicle Division
Special License Plate
Section 2501 Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73194-0201

Attach the tag to your vehicle: Once you receive your personalized tag, you should attach it to the rear of your vehicle. You must keep your regular license plate inside your vehicle as well.


  • License plates will be issued with a maximum of seven letters, no less than seven numbers or a combination of four letters and up to three numbers. This includes spaces and hyphens. No other punctuation or symbols will be used.
  • Once a person is assigned a personalized license plate, they have priority to that plate as long as they continue to renew it in on time.
  • Special and personalized license plates can be transferred to another vehicle, but you must submit a Request to Transfer Form. This form is available in Adobe PDF format online or from any Oklahoma Tag Agency.
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