How to Get a Job at Cedar Point

Cedar Point
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Cedar Point, the second oldest amusement park in the country, sits at the end of a slender strip of land, at the edge of Lake Erie. Located about an hour and a half's drive from downtown Cleveland, the park boasts the largest number of roller coasters in the world. It takes more than 4,000 employees to keep the park running smoothly and to provide a consistent, enjoyable experience for guests.

General Guidelines

Cedar Point maintains strict appearance guidelines, which are available on the park's website. In addition, Cedar Point is a drug-free workplace and performs pre-hiring and random employee drug testing. Typical workweeks are six days and employees are paid every other week. Housing is available for employees age 18 and older who live more than 30 miles away from the park. Uniforms are provided free of charge and free laundry service is available.

Year Round Jobs

Not all jobs at Cedar Point are seasonal. The park needs marketing, technical, computer and mechanical workers year-round, just to name a few positions. Cedar Point lists current openings on their ‚Äčwebsite.

Summer Jobs at Cedar Point

Summer jobs at Cedar Point include a number of perks, such as free access to Cedar Point and Soak City, on-site low-cost employee housing (if qualified), college credit (where applicable), employee appreciation events (ride nights, parties, picnics), a Recreation Center with pool tables, Internet access and a sandwich shop, bus trips to Chicago, Cleveland, New York City, and lots more. To learn more about summer employment at Cedar Point and/or to apply online (beginning in late January), visit the Cedar Point employment page.

Halloweekend Jobs

Halloweekends is Cedar Point's Halloween celebration. Every weekend from mid-September until the end of October, the park is transformed into a family-friendly, "scary" place with costumed cast members, scary treats and a monster parade in the middle of the day. Special hiring is done mid-season for the Halloweekends event.

Entertainers and Technical Jobs at Cedar Point

Live entertainment is an integral part of the Cedar Point experience. To make this happen, the park hires more than 100 singers, dancers, comedians and DJs for the season as well as makeup artists, lighting technicians, stage directors and other technical positions. The majority of these jobs are hired during auditions, which begin in early February. The current schedule and audition pieces and guidelines can be found on the Cedar Point website.

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