How to Get a Fishing License in Oklahoma

Application and Purchase Info

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Want to go fishing in the state of Oklahoma?  Well, it's important to note that you are required to have a fishing license to do so.  Without one, you could receive a significant fine from a park ranger.  So before you head out to that lake or river, here is all the information you need on how to get a fishing license in Oklahoma.

  1. Determine Your Needs:

    Lifelong Oklahomans and frequent fishermen/women should probably invest in a lifetime fishing license.  But if you rarely go, it might be smarter to simply opt for a 2-day license. The first step to getting a license is determining which kind is right for you. Here are the options:
      • Lifetime
  2. 5-Year
  3. Annual
  4. 2-Day
  5. Combination Fishing/Hunting (Available in Lifetime, 5-Year and Annual)
  6. Non-Resident Annual
  7. Non-Resident 6-Day
  8. Non-Resident 1-Day
  9. Check Costs:

    Here are current Oklahoma fishing license costs. Verify online or by calling the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife at (405) 521-3852.
      • Lifetime Fishing: $225
  1. Lifetime Fishing/Hunting Combination: $775
  2. 5-Year Fishing: $88
  3. 5-Year Fishing/Hunting: $148
  4. Annual Fishing: $25 (Youth, 16-17: $5)
  5. Annual Fishing/Hunting Combination: $42 (Youth, 16-17: $9)
  6. 2-Day Fishing: $15
  7. Non-Resident Annual: $55
  8. Non-Resident 6-Day: $35
  9. Non-Resident 1-Day $15
  10. Special rates are available for seniors over the age of 64. Also, note that annual licenses expire on December 31st, regardless of purchase date.
  11. Gather Necessary Information:

    In order to purchase an Oklahoma fishing license, you will need to provide name, address, email (if purchasing online) and valid identification. Here are the forms of ID the state accepts:
  1. Valid state issued ID card OR
  2. Passport OR
  3. A social security number (required if under age 16)
  4. Purchase:

    With all of the preparation done, it's time actually purchase that fishing license.  First, you can do so in person at over 700 locations across the state, most sporting goods stores, bait shops and even many convenience stores. Non-residents can order over the phone by calling (405) 521-3852.
    1. The easiest way to get your license is online. There is a $3 convenience fee for online purchases, though, and you'll need either a Visa or Mastercard.
    2. For a lifetime license, you'll have to fill out a separate application and either mail or bring it to 2145 NE 36th in Oklahoma City.
  1. Enjoy!

    Now that you have your Oklahoma fishing license, get out there and enjoy the many fantastic lakes and fishing areas across the state. If you're in the metro, check out the detailed profiles on OKC Lakes as well as the "Close to Home" Fishing Areas.

Other Things to Know:

  1. Fines for fishing without a license in the state of Oklahoma can be as high as $500.
  2. License support the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, an state agency that receives no other funding from taxes.
  3. Residents under 16 and non-residents under 14 are exempt from needing an Oklahoma fishing license.
  4. Special licenses are required for Blue River Public Fishing & Hunting Area, Honobia Creek Wildlife Management Area, the Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area and Lake Texoma. In addition, there are separate licenses for trout and paddlefish.

    Free Fishing Days:

    The state of Oklahoma waives its fishing license fees during the annual "Free Fishing Days."  In 2017, the days are June 3-4.  In addition, Oklahoma City also waives fishing fees that weekend at area city lakes such as Hefner, Overholser, Draper and the smaller "Close to Home" fishing areas. Be aware that fees may apply at other lakes, though.  For example, there is a daily vehicle entry for fishing at Arcadia Lake near Edmond.