Germany's Coolest Hotels

Sometimes where you stay is an adventure all in itself. While you can find plenty of attractions in Germany's cities, some of its best sites are its unique accommodations. Plan a stay in one of Germany's coolest hotels.

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    Ferienhof Wild

    Do you love wine? Like, really love wine? Like sleep in a wine barrel love wine? Then Ferienhof Wild is for you.

    Nestled in the woods of the Schwarzwald, each self-contained wine barrel unit has twin beds, great views and a picnic basket of treats and - of course - wine. (Bathrooms are located in a separate barrel).

    • Address: Bergstraße 7, 77887 Sasbachwalden
    • Price: 156 euro for double occupancy
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    Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht

    The Bavarian Alps are the perfect escape for thrill-seeking nature lovers and Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht is the ideal place to stay. To hang off of actually. That's right, this hotel has you resting peaceful as you dangle from a cliff. This sleeping perch provides great views at 6,600 feet up. Just call it the "Hotel of a 1,000 Stars“.

    If this sounds altogether too terrifying, there are other (slightly-less-panic-inducing) options like a platform in the trees.

    • Address: Allgäuer Str. 12, 87459 Pfronten 
    • Price: 250 euro per person per night
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    Alexander Humboldt Hotel Bremen

    Try out the excitement of the high seas in the safety of the harbor in Bremen. The gallant Alexander von Humboldt with brilliant green sails is a star in its own right (the highest honor - German beer commercials). Built in 1906, it has 16 cabins with a combination of double beds and bunk beds plus private bathrooms. There is no reason to go ashore as dinner can be served on board.

    • Address: Konsul-Smidt-Straße 10 28217 Bremen
    • Price: Start at 39 euro per night
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    hotel im Wasserturm

    Water towers punctuate many German skylines. The Hotel Im Wasserturm allows you to stay in one of the continent's largest, now almost 150 years old. This industrial space has been renovated to the height of luxury with 88 rooms. At the top, you can enjoy a panorama roof terrace for dinner, a drink or to simply admire the view.

    • Address: Kaygasse 2, 50676 Köln 
    • Price: Start at 130 euro per night
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    V8 Hotel

    V8 Hotel
    ••• Drive-In Cinema Room.

    All things Auto decorate the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart. 34 themed rooms offer vintage cars, racing gear and even a drive-through cinema room. There are single, double and family rooms.

    If literally sleeping in a car is not enough, Motorworld Stuttgart is right next door.

    • Address: Graf-Zeppelin-Straße 1, 71034 Böblingen
    • Price: Start at 130 euro per night
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    Superbude Hotel

    Traveling can be exhausting and sometimes you just want to crash at your friend's house. Your stylish, clean, super cool friend's house. Superbude knows just what you are looking for. Design at a discount with two locations in St. Georg and St. Pauli near the Reeperbahn.

    Lounge in a wheelbarrow-chair, fall into your stylish room, crawl in late for the all-you-can-eat breakfast til noon (or just nab what you need from the supermarket fridge like a local Astra beer) and clean up with the complimentary washing machines and detergent. You might not even need to leave the hotel as they have an active concert and event calendar.

    • Address: Juliusstraße 1, 22769 Hamburg
    • Price: Doubles from 60 euro per night
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    EuropaPark Hotels

    Hotel Colosseo in Europapark

    Europapark is the largest theme park in Germany and draws families domestically and internationally. And after exploring all of Europe in a day, you need somewhere to rest your weary head.

    The park has five four-star themed hotels. Keep it regal in Roman-style Hotel Colosseo that takes after the Colosseum, go Americana at Bell Rock, try quaint Portuguese at Santa Isabel, venture back to the Middle Ages with Castillo Alcazar, or stay in an elegant Spanish finca feel at El Andaluz. Many of the hotels feature spas, restaurants and bars as well as their exotic ambiance.

    • Address: Europa-Park-Str. 4+6, 77977 Rust, Germany
    • Price: Rooms start at 105 euro per night
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    Baumhaus Hotel

    Located just outside Görlitz, the Baumhaus Hotel delivers on the promise of its name (that translates to "treehouse"). Satisfying every big kids' dream (and kids' with the Kinderbaumhaus), there are five different dream houses to choose from. Accommodations are basic, but allow you to dream big. 

    • Address: Kulturinsel Einsiedel 1 02829 Neißeaue OT Zentendorf
    • Price: Tree houses start around 230 euro per night
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    Hüttenpalast - Puck

    Berlin's quirky, wonderful and weird accommodations deserve a list all of their own. Find out where you can sleep in a coffin or a cage, explore the DDR past or live the highlife of 1920 glamour.