German Train Tickets and Special Offers

Save Money With Discount Train Tickets and Passes in Germany

A German ICE high speed train in Cologne station.
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Want to explore Germany by Train and travel on a budget? Check out these discount train passes that will save you a lot of money and take you to the best places of Germany.

All train tickets can be purchased either online, at ticket vending machines at the stations, or at ticket counters of the German National Railway (called Deutsche Bahn) which are located in most German train stations.

Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket (Happy Weekend Ticket)

With this train pass, the weekend is all yours - you can take the train as often as you like within one weekend, anywhere in Germany, and on any Regional and S-Bahn train (no Intercity Express).

The ticket costs 40 Euro and is valid for up to 5 persons traveling together. Online booking available.

To give a little perspective, you can ride from Munich to Berlin on this ticket with 5 of your friends. It is crazy cheap, but will cost you in time. This journey is usually only 6 hours, but can stretch to 12 on regional trains. Plan your time versus money accordingly.

Länder Ticket (State Ticket)

Every federal state in Germany offers a Länderticket, which allows you to explore their Bundesland by train for one whole day. For example, this could be travel in Bavaria, Saxony, Brandenburg and the rest of the German states.

With only one pass, you can travel with up to 5 people and explore a German state of your choice on a shoestring budget. Tickets start at 23 Euro. Online booking available.

Group Travel

Group saver fares allow groups to travel for as little as 19 Euro per person (29 euro for first class).

Groups can range from 6 to 20 people in size. Group online tickets are available at a maximum of 3 months before the day of travel. Online booking available.

German Rail Pass

With this pass, you can travel on all trains on the German Railway including the Intercity Express (also known as ICE) for 5 to 15 days within the period of one month.

The German Rail Pass is available for both first and second class travel (as well as youth options). Prices start at 169 Euro for a 5 day youth trip and go up to 571 Euro for a 15 day 1st class ticket. Online Booking available.

An important note: This offer only applies to people with permanent residence outside Europe, Turkey and the Russian Federation. If you are European and live outside Europe you must have left more than 6 months ago (indicated by the stamp in your passport).

With this pass, you will not only discover all of what Germany has to offer, but also offers:

  • Traveling to Salzburg (Austria) and Basel (Switzerland)
  • Free traveling on participating steamboats on the rivers Rhine and Moselle
  • Discounted fares on selected bus lines that tour the Romantic Road and the Castle Road.


The German Railway offers frequent train travelers the chance to buy a card that offers discounts on every train journey.  There are three different options:

  • Bahncard 25 - This card provides a 25% discount on Flexpreis (flexible fares) and all long-distance saver fares for one year. The card costs just 62 Euros for second class and 125 Euro for first class. Order here.
  • Bahncard 50 - This card provides a 50% discount on Flexpreis (flexible fares) and all long-distance saver fares for one year. The card costs 255 Euros for second class and 515 Euro for first class. Students, senior citizens and children only pay half the purchase price. Order here.
  • Bahncard 100 - For the constant traveler, this card provides all-inclusive travel for one year. The card costs 4,090 Euros for second class and 6,890 Euro for first class. Order here.

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