Gear Review: Ogio Commuter Backpack


A good daypack is one of those essential pieces of gear that no traveler should ever be without. Now days, when we hit the road, it is usually with a number of high tech gadgets, personal items, and important documents in tow. A well-designed pack will not only keep all of those items safe and well organized, but  it will allow us to carry them comfortably, no matter where we go. That's exactly what the Commuter pack  from Ogio brings to the table, offering travelers a stylish, non-technical backpack that is perfect for the daily commute, or an escape to the far side of the planet.

Just don't expect to take this bag climbing in the Himalaya or on a rafting excursion through the Grand Canyon however, as that is not its intended purpose.

Durable and Water Resistant

Built from durable, water resistant fabrics, the Commuter pack has been designed from the ground up to transport your precious electronic devices safely and efficiently. This is an especially nice feature for travelers, since you never know what kind of weather conditions you'll encounter while on the road. Those same fabrics are abrasion resistant as well, which means the bag won't begin to fray or tear from normal use. In fact, I was extremely impressed with how well the Commuter held up while I was testing it, barely showing any signs of wear and tear at all over an extended period of time.

The bag was throughly tested while traveling and always came home looking brand new.

Plenty of Storage

With the Commuter, Ogio has designed a bag that has an incredible array of storage options. Its main compartment is a surprisingly spacious pocket capable of swallowing up just about any gear that you toss into it. It is an excellent place for a camera for instance, with ample room left over for an extra lens or two as well as a jacket, umbrella, or even lunch. An integrated water resistant laptop sleeve provides another layer of protection for notebook computers too, showing that Ogio's designers understand the importance of keeping our most precious devices safe from the elements.

There are even pockets dedicated to holding both a regular sized iPad and an iPad Mini, as well another designed for carrying a smartphone. To say that your electronic gadgets are well covered by this pack would be an understatement, and if you're a traveler who likes to take your devices with you on the road, you'll find this bag more than accommodating.

Sensible Design

Ogio made some very wise decisions when creating the overall design scheme for this pack too. For instance, the inclusion of easy-to-adjust shoulder and sternum straps make it a breeze to dial in just the right fit for both your daily commuting needs, or for when traveling abroad. They also integrated a well-padded back panel which goes a long way towards making the Commuter a pack that you can comfortably wear all day long, even when it is loaded with heavy gear. It's slim profile is a nice touch as well, making it easy to slide under an airplane seat, and preventing it from becoming overly bulky while resting on your backl.



As you can probably tell, I really like the Ogio Commuter pack. It is durable, versatile, and with a price tag of just $100, it is a bargain too. But it is important to point out that this is a bag that is better suited for the urban adventurer, and not the adventure traveler who enjoys more active pursuits. For instance, the Commuter would be an excellent choice for wandering the streets of Paris or Berlin, and it would even be fine if you explored those cities from the back of a bicycle. But you wouldn't want to take it mountain biking in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco for instance, nor would it be a good choice for trekking to the summit of Kilimanjaro.

This pack is meant for non-technical pursuits, and if you're looking for something for use on a trail, there are far better options available. 

On the other hand, if your travel plans aren't so energetic and adventurous, and you are in the market for a good bag to safely and securely carry all of your gear, the Commuter pack is certainly a great option to consider. For the modern traveler, it is a stylish, well built, sophisticated pack that will allow you to transport all of your important items with ease and comfort. Whether you're going down the block to meet friends, or jumping on an aircraft to go explore some foreign city, this is one bag that can meet all of your needs.

The fact that Ogio can offer it at such an attractive price is remarkable, making an already very good option even better.

Bottom Line

While not built for adventures in the far-flung edges of the world, the Ogio Commuter backpack is a great option for travelers looking for ample space to carry their modern gadgets with comfort and ease. It is durable enough to take the punishment that can come with travel, and continue to look good in the process. It is a true bargain for the price. 

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