Gay Honeymoon Spots USA and Canada

Vacation Destinations that Welcome Gay and Lesbian Couples

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No wedding, gay or straight, is complete without a honeymoon. While straight couples on a honeymoon have traditionally been welcomed at vacation spots around the world, gay ones have experienced discrimination in many locales.

Fortunately, there are numerous other places — primarily sophisticated cities and beautiful beaches — that have long catered to gay people. Now that enlightened countries recognize marriages between gay people, these spots are primed to host their honeymoons. Each already has a variety of gay-friendly lodgings, bars, and restaurants.

Top USA Destinations for Gay Honeymoons

According to a survey conducted by the Travel Industry of America, the following are the top spots, in order of popularity, for gay and lesbian couples to visit. Every one is a great place for a honeymoon.

Click on any of the vacation destinations below to find general information on tourism, recommended hotels, and other links that can help you choose a honeymoon spot for the two of you.

Gay and lesbian couples have had the opportunity to marry in Canada since July 20, 2005, when the Equal Marriage Bill was enacted, making it legal for same-sex couples to exchange vows and subsequently live as married couples with full rights in Canada.

Since then, Canada has emerged as a favored destination for gay and lesbian weddings. Note: Although marriages of U.S. citizens can be conducted in Canada, they still are not legally recognized in all states south of the border.

Why Honeymoon in Canada?

Because Canada is a vast and beautiful country, it's as appealing as a destination for a honeymoon as it is a wedding.

Couples having a destination wedding in Canada may want to consider marrying in one place and taking their honeymoon elsewhere in the country. For example, you could combine a city/country experience.

Imagine holding your wedding in sophisticated Montrealcharming Quebec City, or big-city Toronto and then heading west to the romantic wilds of Banff, Lake Louise, Victoria, or even Calgary for a scenic honeymoon in the countryside. Or for a mellow, waterside getaway, consider small Victoria, the capital of British Columbia and also a great walking city.

Top Canada Destinations for Gay Honeymoons

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