Garden Centers in Albuquerque

​Albuquerque garden centers have everything a gardener needs to get set up with a vegetable bed, flower bed, or xeriscaping. Besides products, these garden centers offer expertise and advice, which is invaluable whether you're an experienced gardener or new to the joys of planting. 

Find other gardening resources to help you get growing.

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    Alameda Greenhouse
    Alameda Greenhouse

    9515 1/2 4th Street NW
    Albuquerque, NM 87114

    Alameda Greenhouse has been part of Albuquerque's north valley since 1968. The full scale garden center and nursery have trees, shrubs, bedding plants, and everything you need for your garden, from tools to fertilizer. The business specializes in plants suitable for the local area. Annuals, perennials, vegetable starts and seeds will get your garden started.

    For those who love vegetable gardening, Alameda has onion starts, tomato plants, peas, cabbages, early spring and summer plants as well as the pumpkins, squash and watermelons many associate with a going garden. Alameda has all the plants you need, or if you prefer, the seeds to start you off.

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    Marsh Marigolds at Albuquerque Water Gardens
    Photo © Aileen O'Catherine, licensed to

     2704 Duranes Road NW
    Albuquerque, NM 87104

    Tucked away in the quiet Duranes neighborhood in the city's near north valley, Albuquerque Water Gardens offers plants and other needs for your water pond. They offer a small selection of regular bedding plants as well. For those who have ponds, they usually have mosquito fish as well as goldfish and koi and other pond fish, such as shubunkin and fantails.

    Aquatic plants are their specialty, and they are well known for their water lilies. Just strolling the grounds looking at the plants and the ponds is a relaxing and peaceful experience. It is one of our family's favorite garden centers, and we use them extensively for their pond expertise.

    They have native and drought tolerant perennials as well as water plants. 

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    Helen's Native Plants

    9121 Fourth Street NW
    Albuquerque, NM 87114

    The open air garden center offers native plants and trees suitable for the southwestern climate. There is also a limited selection of outdoor landscaping materials and decor.

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    101 Alameda NW
    (505) 899-7555
    6921 Pan American Freeway NE

    Jericho offers trees, ornamental grasses, flowers for annual and perennial color, fertilizers, pottery, garden decor, and gardening tools. They also offer landscape design consultation. Gardening consultation can happen on site--bring your photos and ideas.

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    Osuna Nursery

    Osuna Nursery
    Osuna Nursery

    501 Osuna Road
    Albuquerque, NM 87113

    Osuna Nursery has been part on the gardening scene in Albuquerque for nearly four decades. They have plants for bedding, tools, seasonal garden items such as Christmas trees at holiday time, and many decorative items for the house and garden. 

    Osuna also has local garden resources to help with landscape design and gardening in general. Their Garden Club is a free service and provides weekly gardening tips, sneak peeks at upcoming specials, and the chance to connect with other gardeners. 

    Osuna offers landscape design services on a consultation basis. Get help sketching out design ideas with a professional landscape designer.

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    Plant World

    Plant World
    Plant World

    250 El Pueblo Road NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87113

    Plant World is a wholesale nursery, but those who purchase a membership can make purchases. The business offers plants, pottery, garden decor, and outdoor living products, at wholesale prices. Membership requires a one time payment of a set fee. Those who remember the chain of Rowland's Nurseries that once were part of the city can once again enjoy the quality of Rowland's products.

    For those who enjoy gardening, there are bedding and vegetable plants, shrubs, roses, sod, mulch, bark, seeds and trees in either containers or burlap. Watering supplies, which are essential in the arid southwest, can be purchased here. There are also fountains and outdoor living products.

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    Plants of the Southwest

    © Aileen O'Catherine

    6680 4th Street NW
    Los Ranchos, NM 87107

    3095 Agua Fria Road
    Santa Fe, NM 87507

    Plants of the Southwest has been in business for 40 years, offering plants, trees and seeds for gardeners with a particular emphasis on what's needed here in the southwest. They carry native plants and grasses that make sense for our climate. They offer classes, workshops and resources that will help get you going, or keep you gardening in a sustainable manner. Besides seeds and plants, you'll find cover crops, trees, shurbs and wildflower mixes.

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    Rehm's Nursery
    Rehm's Nursery

    5801 Lomas NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87110

    Rehm's is probably the oldest garden center in the city, having been in operation for over 80 years. They offer a full line of garden decor, plants for flower or vegetable beds, rocks, trees, roses, tools, and most importantly, dirt to get your seeds started. They offer organic plants and blooms for the garden. Rehm's grows their roses on site, so they're adapted for the climate and ready to plant. I've had great success with their roses. Military and senior discounts are available.