What Days Are Garbage and Recycling Collected in Queens, NY?

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To find out when your trash will be picked up, check the website of the NYC Department of Sanitation. Plug in your address, and you'll find out the days for regular garbage collection and for recycling in your neighborhood.

As of April 2004, recycling is once again collected once a week. The same NYC Sanitation schedule will tell you what day your recycling and refuse is collected.

Why Wasn't My Trash or Recycling Removed as Scheduled?

For residential areas in Queens, trash pickup is usually twice a week. If there's a sanitation holiday, put your trash out after 5 p.m. for collection the next day, though it may take the crews a couple days to catch up. If your garbage or recycling is not collected as scheduled, you can request a pickup through the Sanitation website or by calling the NYC Citizen Service Center at 311.

What Can Be Recycled in NYC?

NYC currently recycles mixed paper, cardboard, metal, glass, and plastic jugs and bottles--but not forms of plastic like Styrofoam or yogurt containers. Check out the official New York City website for a detailed list of what can be recycled.

Will the Regular Garbage Truck Take a Refrigerator or Other Bulky Item?

For removal of large items like dishwashers or furniture, check the Sanitation Department's website for bulk pickup in NYC.