The Best Places in Charlotte to Watch a Game

Panthers? Hornets? International soccer? Here's where to watch!

There's nothing better than watching a big game around dozens (or even hundreds) of other fans, and while just about any bar or restaurant around town will have the game on, there are only a few places that should really be known as the spot to watch a game.

Whether it's a Panthers game, a Hornets game, a big international soccer match, college football Saturday, March Madness, or MLB, there's no shortage of great places in Charlotte to gather with other fans and watch.

Some of these places feature specialty foods and some have standard pub fare, but no place on this list has sub-standard grub. Also, every place on this list has decent drink selections!

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Dilworth Neighborhood Grille

Dilworth Neighborhood Grille
Dilworth Neighborhood Grille

911 E Morehead St
Charlotte, NC 28204

On Morehead Street outside of Uptown, Dilworth Neighborhood Grille is a two-level sports bar that's "neighborhood" enough to be a cozy favorite. If you're out to watch multiple games at once, this is where you want to be as there are TVs just about everywhere you look.

If you're a Panthers fan, this is the place to be, as it's the official home of the Charlotte chapter of the Roaring Riot, the largest unofficial Panthers fan club. This place gets hopping on Panthers game days, and you're not going to find a bar that has more dedicated Panthers fans.

Roaring Riot travels to every single Panthers game, and any members that aren't traveling can be found here.

Parking is limited, but take the time to find a spot. If you're going to a Panthers game they provide free parking and a free shuttle to the stadium.

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601 S Cedar St
Charlotte, NC 28202

Draught is Uptown, in the shadow of Bank of America stadium, so if the Panthers are at home, you'll likely hear the road of the crowd outside before you see it on TV. You absolutely can't beat the ambiance on their outdoor patio on game days.

This place offers up some of the more unusual dining options around, like duck tacos. Chicken and waffles and Salmon and dill Benedict are great choices if you're looking to switch up your normal game day fare. The house nachos here is one item you can't miss.

During Panthers games, there is a more limited menu than their normal offerings, and the place does get packed pretty quickly since you're just a Cam Newton toss away from the stadium. When it comes to college football, this is a Clemson bar, so don't be surprised to see a sea of orange if you walk in on a Saturday in the fall.

As a side note, there's a great event space downstairs for special events like an engagement or birthday.  

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Courtyard Hooligans

Courtyard Hooligans
Courtesy of Courtyard Hooligans

140 Brevard Ct
Charlotte, NC 28202

As the name implies, Courtyard Hooligans is an Irish bar, so it's likely Charlotte's best bar to watch soccer. Their World Cup viewing parties are epic, with hundreds of international fans piling in.

The drink selection here is pretty strong, with lots of local breweries to choose from. It's a small place with no frills, but that often makes for a great place watch sports with other fans.

You're going to find a crowd there watching just about any sporting event. Courtyard Hooligans is one of those joints with few windows, so once you step inside, it's easy to lose track of what time it is outside.

You're sure to get a legitimate Irish experience at Courtyard. You might feel like you're in a small bar in Dublin with football (soccer) on the TV and the owners walking in with their shin guards still on.

This is a great destination for dinner and drinks before or after a Charlotte Knights game since it's located so close to BB&T Ballpark.

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Blackfinn Ameripub

Blackfinn Charlotte
Courtesy of Blackfinn Charlotte

210 E Trade St
Charlotte, NC 28202 

Blackfinn is in the middle of Uptown, so you're not far from the action if the Panthers are at home, and it's the perfect option for watching some March Madness during lunch. It's a fun, upbeat, young bar, and that can make for some super fun football watching.

This bar is located in Charlotte's "Epicenter" complex, so there are going to be a lot of people around. There's no outside space here, which can be kind of a bummer on a nice weather day, but since you're here to watch the sports action, that's certainly not a deal breaker.

When the Panthers win, there's nothing like walking out of the Epicenter while people file out of the dozens of other bars around.

If you want to sit back and watch a game analytically, this is probably not your spot. But if you want beer flying and high fives after every touchdown, make your way here.

The food here at Blackfinn is typical pub food, but it's done well.

It can certainly be a pain to get in and out of Epicenter at times, but Blackfinn makes it worthwhile.

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Carolina Ale House

Carolina Panthers Fans Watch Super Bowl 50
Lance King / Getty Images

201 S College St
Charlotte, NC 28244

Like a few others on this list, Carolina Ale House is located Uptown, so you're in the middle of the action for Hornets or Panthers games.

The only knock about this place is that the arrangements of the TVs can make it a little tricky if you're trying to watch multiple games at once. But if you're just sticking to the hometown team, this is a spot not to miss.

The food here is moderately priced with decent portions, and the barbecue looks to be a favorite. They throw some pretty big "official" watch parties here, and it's been called a "mecca of sports watching" in a few online reviews.

Carolina Ale House has some pretty unique drinks that you won't find anywhere else, and plenty of beers on tap as well. Their happy hour specials are pretty well priced, so if you're watching a game after work, you might want to make this your go-to.

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Duckworths Grill & Taphouse

330 N Tryon St
Charlotte, NC 28202

There are lots of TVs here. TVs on top of TVs. Watching multiple games (even every game) at once? This is where you need to be.

The beer selection at Duckworths has been called one of the best in Charlotte, and they've got just about anything you'd want.

When it comes to food, the hoagies and cheesesteaks are easily the stand-out at Duckworths. Philly natives report that this is the closest thing to home they've found when it comes to cheesesteaks. The fact that this place started as "Duckworths Cheese Steakery" when it was over on Park Road should be an indication as to where their food is focused, but the menu here is expansive and you'll find something for just about any taste (get the garlic fries!).

There's no patio at Duckworths, but you can sit near the big windows by the front if you want to feel like you're outside. The Uptown Duckworths has what's called "The Cellar," which will take you back to the speakeasies of the roaring 20s.

There is another Duckworths location in Charlotte, but if you want to be where everyone and everything is, head Uptown.

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All American Pub

200 E Bland St,
Charlotte, NC 28203

All American Pub is in south Charlotte, which means it's young, noisy, and fun. If you want a place to legitimately enjoy watching with a crew of people you just met, this is where you need to be.

This place is absolutely packed for Panthers games, and the crowd tends to stay for the later games as well. Want to watch a ton of games you barely care about with people you barely know? Come here and you'll enjoy it.

If you plan on watching a Panthers game, you'll need to get there early to make sure you get a table (like 11 a.m. for a 1 p.m. kickoff).

All American is right next to a Light Rail stop, which makes it a good destination if you don't want to worry about driving home.

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