Northern Ireland's 'Game of Thrones' Studio Tour Will Transport You to Westeros

The studio, once closed to the public, will feature exclusive props and sets

Game of Thrones Studio Tour™

Game of Thrones Studio Tour™

Along with the Titanic, the hit HBO series "Game of Thrones" has been a staple of Northern Ireland's tourism industry. While many associate the show's epic medieval vistas with Croatia, Iceland, and Spain, the show's interior scenes were predominantly filmed in around 25 locations in Northern Ireland. Nearly one-sixth of tourists to the country visit with the primary goal of seeing their favorite Thrones sites, such as Winterfell Castle, also known as Old Castle Ward in Strangford, County Down.

Now, over two years since the show's finale, Northern Ireland is inviting Thrones lovers from around the world to step back into Westeros with a multi-million-dollar immersive tour at Linen Mill Studios, Banbridge, just south of Belfast. Set to open on February 4, 2022, the studio, where parts of the show were filmed, was previously off-limits to the public. The new experience promises to bring visitors "closer to the Seven Kingdoms than ever before," featuring props such as Daenerys Targaryen's Dragonstone throne and iconic white fur coat, as well as Sansa Stark's wedding dress and Jon Snow's winter furs.

Fans can also step inside the actual set of Winterfell's Great Hall, as well as learn all of the behind-the-scenes tricks of the trade, including the choices made behind makeup artistry and set decoration. And after hours of exploring, visitors can grab a bite at one of two on-site cafes, making the experience an ideal day trip.

Tickets are now available to book online, and must be purchased in advance of your visit. Adult admission is £39.50 (about $52), while tickets for children ages 5 through 15 are £27.50 (about $36). Children ages 4 and younger enter free.

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