Gallup New Mexico Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial and Events

Gallup Inter-Tribal Queen
••• Miss Congeniality - Gallup Inter-Tribal Queen. ©Elizabeth R. Rose

Every August Gallup plays host to Native Americans from across the United States in a massive Inter-tribal ceremonial. The Indoor and Outdoor Marketplace and the Ceremonial Showroom present the country's most complete and varied displays of genuine Indian fine arts, including Navajo rugs, katsinas, jewelry, pottery and basketry. There are socials, rodeos and parades.

Dates & Times

Inter-Tribal events run from Wednesday through Sunday.

Events Friday, Saturday and Sunday run primarily 9am - 10pm but check the schedule before going out to Red Rock Park.


Gallup is located east of Albuquerque. Map. Most of the Inter-Tribal events take place at Red Rock Park, 7 miles east of Gallup. With the exception of the parades, the majority of events take place at Red Rock State Park. There are several arenas and sometimes events are concurrent. Red Rock State Park is easy to find. Just travel east on old Route 66 out of town and you will see signs for the park. While you are there, marvel at the beauty of the red rocks and Church Rock in the distance.


To see the best of Inter-Tribal plan to attend for several days. Friday, Saturday and Sunday may offer the best events for visitors. Look forward to Indian Dances, Ceremonial Parades, Rodeo, and Exhibit Hall and plenty of Native American Arts and Crafts. Schedule.

Ceremonial is Community-Wide

There is so much going on during Inter-Tribal.

There is an evening parade and a day parade in downtown Gallup. Trading Posts offer great discounts. In 2007 there was a rug auction at the Best Western. And, my favorite off-site event in 2007, was the Zuni Arts Expo out at Zuni Pueblo which was truly worth at least part my day while attending Inter-Tribal.


Dance admission pricing is higher than general grounds admission wich is $10 per adult and $6.00 per child over 3 years of age. Parking is $5.00 per car. Current pricing information.


Inter-Tribal Cermonial Website.

What You Need to Know About Attending Inter-Tribal

If you want to attend a ceremonial that offers culture and color, great local art, exciting dance competitions and an opportunity to learn more about Native American cultures, Gallup’s Inter-Tribal Ceremonial is for you.

If you want to experience crowds, marketing hype, highly polished acts and boutique type shopping, skip Gallup.

Gallup’s Ceremonial is for those who are respectful of and open to learning about Native American cultures. Ceremonial is not necessarily for tourists although the event attracts visitors from all over the world. It is a gathering for the peoples of the Southwest… the Navaho, Zuni, Hopi and their guests from other tribes. Much of the pageantry comes with great history and tradition. Attend Inter-tribal with a desire to learn and you will come away enriched.

For a first time attendee, there are some things to figure out.

  • Get the Scoop - When you get to Gallup, go to the Chamber of Commerce or one of the main trading posts and pick up an Inter-tribal Ceremonial publication with schedule, map and articles. And, remember that if you see an event in black and white, it may be subject to change. Timing is flexible and you should be too.
  • Bring Money - In addition to the parking and entry fees, note that Rodeo events are extra. There are great food vendors. Try the Navajo Tacos and Zuni fresh baked bread. And, there is great shopping! You can visit the vendors outside the exhibit hall and shop for award winning art inside. So bring money. Credit Cards are not necessarily accepted. Your purchases will support Native American arts and crafts.
  • Mix and Mingle - There are opportunities to quietly mingle with the Native Americans who know so much about their own cultures and about Inter-Tribal. Take time to talk with the vendors and artists about their work. Attend an event that you would enjoy at home. I signed up for the 5K run event and found myself enjoying a crisp morning walking (I am not a runner) down a beautiful country road with red rocks all around me. Along the way and after the event, I sat with Navaho and Hopi women who were very welcoming and talked with me about their relatives who were doing the half marathon and about their lives. And at the Pow Wow competition, learn from those around you.

    I highly recommend attending Gallup's Inter-Tribal Ceremonial. You will come away with some great photos and memories.