Gust Gallucci's Italian Food Market

Gust Gallucci's Italian Market - Cleveland Ohio
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Gallucci's was founded more than 85 years ago by Gust Gallucci's, a new Italian immigrant, hungry for the flavors of his homeland. The market was instantly popular, and not just with Italians. Gallucci's is now in its fourth location at 6610 Euclid Avenue (for years, it was located adjacent to the Central Market, where Progressive Field is now located). The market is still run by the Gallucci family—today, the grandson, granddaughters, and great-grandson of the founder.

The Store

Gallucci's sells to retail, wholesale, and online customers. The store features a large selection of deli meats and cheeses, prepared foods, wines, Italian olives and marinated vegetables, sauces, oils, and vinegars. In addition, they sell Italian cooking utensils and small appliances, cookbooks, and housewares.

Gallucci's offers a large menu of lunch items from their deli counter. Among them are a meatball sandwich, an Italian sausage sandwich, a prosciutto sandwich, a variety of pizzas by the slice, and lasagna.

Many of Gallucci's wares are offered for sale online, including oils and vinegars, Italian canned goods, sauces, marinated olives and vegetables, pastas, cookbooks, and housewares.

Gallucci's sells party trays and prepared foods for parties, meetings, and events. Among the offerings are Italian deli trays, eggplant Parmesan, pizza, and lasagna. Visit their website for details.

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