Gaithersburg Summer Entertainment Schedule 2016

Free Activities in the City of Gaithersburg

Photo © The City of Gaithersburg

The City of Gaithersburg hosts family-friendly free performances as part of its summer entertainment series. From a Beatles Tribute Band to a musical zoo to outdoor movies and backyard concerts, the On Stage series brings summer fun to Gaithersburg, Maryland. All outdoor performances are free.

City Hall Pavilion, 31 S. Summit Ave., Gaithersburg, MD

June 4, 4 - 8 pm - Jubilation Day - Celebration of Gospel Music featuring performances by local and regional performers.

June 12, Noon 5 p.m. Celebrate Gaithersburg Olde Town Street Festival - Enjoy a Taste of Gaithersburg, live entertainment and themed activity areas for all ages and interests.

Summer 2016 Kids Entertainment Series

Concerts are held on Thursdays, June 2 through July 28 at 10:30 a.m. at the City Hall Concert Pavilion.  From magic to theater to science, parents and children alike will enjoy the variety of free performances. Following the concerts, the Gaithersburg Community Museum hosts “Discovery Thursdays,” featuring activities that reinforce the themes and performances from earlier that day.  Discovery Thursdays take place through June and July between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. and are appropriate for children ages 5 to 10.  While the performances at the City Hall Concert Pavilion are free, admission is $2 per child for Discovery Thursdays at the Community Museum at 9 South Summit Avenue. Materials may be limited; reservations are recommended.  

June 2 – Yosi Meets Eugene  - Eugene is a super-friendly, super-strong, super-exuberant monster who is misunderstood by nearly everyone except young children. Along with his friends, award-winning children's recording artist Yosi and puppeteer/actor Johnny Beirne, Eugene can be your friend too. Songs, stories and great humor bring kids closer to understanding that being different is not just good, it's fantastic.

June 9 – Christylez Bacon - As a dynamic member of the progressive hip hop movement, Christylez Bacon brings innovation to an art form already known for melding varied urban musical styles. Bacon adds a new flavor to the mix by harmonizing musical genres from around the world in a multi-instrumental exploration of beat box, rap, go-go, classical music, and beyond. By building cross-cultural connections, these presentations help audiences gain insight into the universality of artistic expression and encourage their direct participation in the performance experience through the use of call and response. 

June 16 – Mr. Jon & Friends  - Mr. Jon & Friends makes music for kids and their families that inspire fun, laughter and dancing. Sometimes with a band, sometimes as a duo, and sometimes solo, the Parents Choice Award-winning music of Mr. Jon & Friends is sure to bring a smile to your face.

June 23 – Mutts Gone Nuts  -  Mutts Gone Nuts is a comedy dog thrill show that promotes the adoption of rescue animals.

June 30 – Lesole Dance   -  Dance your way to the tip of the African continent. Experience three exciting cultures: traditional Ndlamudance from Zulu villages that give a snapshot of the clothing, customs, live drumming and high energy of South Africa; the moves and percussive sounds of Gumboot, a kind of "instant messaging" dance slapped out on gold miners' rubber boots; and Pantsula, an upbeat urban dance like American hip-hop but with a cultural twist, that audience members are invited to learn.

July 7 – Unified Jazz Ensemble -  Sounds & Rhythms of Latin Jazz gets enthusiastic reviews for Unified Jazz’s fascinating introduction to the “gotta move” rhythms of samba, bossa nova or African-inspired clave, and contributions of artists like Antonio Carlos Jobim and Stan Getz. Learning About Jazz ties together rhythm, math, music and memory, with an emphasis on improvisation and teamwork. This uniquely American music program features the diverse styles of Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, and more.

July 14 – Mark Jaster  -  Mark Jaster’s diverse skills, luminous imagination and world-class training ignite in unique and engaging performances. Put aside whatever you expected from mime, and prepare to enjoy brilliantly articulated gesture, playful interaction, gentle, inclusive humor, witty musical surprises, and seasoned experience with a vast range of audiences. Piccolo’s Trunk enchants with illusions and humorous surprises, The Maestro’s audience is his hilarious orchestra, and A Fool named ‘O’ astonishes with the wordless wit of a medieval jester.

July 21 – Gerdan -  Gerdan takes a world tour of Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America with classical, ethnic and folk music traditions. The performance features exotic flutes of all sizes – from the small ocarina to the large fujara – accompanied by folk dance and captivating violin in the duo program.

July 28 – Anansegromma - Join the "royal elders" and musicians of a typical West African village. Native Ghanaians Kofi Dennis and Kwame Ansah-Brew offer an exhilarating and memorable performance of traditional music, storytelling and dance. Through "call and response" songs, games and drum rhythms on authentic instruments, Anansegromma offers an engaging, first-hand exploration of West African cultural traditions. Kids will be up and dancing with this lively duo in an unforgettable experience.  Their varied programs address themes of cooperation, courage, hope, caring and sharing.

2016 Evening Concerts in Olde Town

Concerts are held on Thursdays, June 2 through July 28 and September 1 through 29, 2016 at  6 p.m. at the City Hall Concert Pavilion.

June 2 – Cadence- A cappella ensemble featuring a hypnotic blend of harmonies and intricate arrangements, coupled with on-stage antics.                                                                              

June 9 – Rockin’ Pneumonia  - Dynamic blend of danceable rock, soul, funk, and disco that gets people movin’.

June 16 – Fabulous Exaggerations  -  Powerful vocals and instrumentals showcase everything from rock, jazz and funk to American standards.

June 23 – Travis Tucker - Incredibly diverse American Idol contestant performing ballads, raps, dance tunes, and more.

June 30 – The Colliders   -  Vibrant, energetic music sure to get audiences bopping and shaking for all it’s worth.

July 7 – Sandra Dean Band -  Covering Bob Seger, Santana, Bruce Springsteen, and everything in between.

July 14 – Guys In Thin Ties  -  80s cover band bringing some of the best songs from the MTV era.

July 21 – Vintage #18  -   Dynamic soul and blues band with a stick-to-your-bones groove.

July 28 – Lloyd Dobler Effect  -  Multi-layered and upbeat music showcases a universal appeal to both mainstream modern rock lovers and culturally diverse audiences.

September 1 – Diamond Alley - Exciting and diverse mix of contemporary and classic hits, along with popular original tunes.

September 8 – Ken Kolodner Trio   -  Pushing the boundaries of Appalachian folk music on hammered dulcimer, banjo and fiddles – with a modern twist.

September 15 – The Crimestoppers -  Blues inspired rock ‘n roll from the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, and more.

September 22 – Savoy Truffle - This Beatles cover band from northern England performs with an eclectic mix of blues, jazz, rock, and country.

September 29 – The Hardway Connection  - Rhythm and blues counterpointed by family values, evoking feelings of nostalgia and an undeniable compulsion to dance.

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