Getaway2Give, Luxury Vacation Club That Gives to People in Need

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Getaway2Give is not like other luxury vacation clubs. Getaway2Give is the world's first philanthropic vacation club. Yes, a charity vacation club.

Getaway2Give is a twist on voluntourism; members enjoy a luxury vacation in a private property while their money goes to great causes. "Members not only have a good time, they do good for others. Everyone benefits from," says Adam Capes, who founded the organization as G2G in 2012.

Getaway2Give is a luxury travel club for upscale individuals and families with a strong commitment to "giving back." Says Capes, "We help families vacation well and make the best use of their coveted time together while helping others. Our getaways are not only wonderful, memorable experiences; they are also meaningful."

Getaway2Give may be your kind of vacation if you: seek no-doubt-about-it luxury vacations, and like the idea of saving thousands of dollars annually on your vacations; have better things to do than fine-comb the Web for a vacation property, and will welcome having one convenient source of high-end vacation options; value five-star amenities, and will appreciate dedicated, on-site concierge services to personalize your vacation experience; have a strong social commitment to helping others less fortunate.

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A Philanthropic Vacation Club

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Here's how it works. Getaway2Give members enjoy access to luxury vacations while helping charities raise funds. A portion of the membership fee goes toward helping support the cause of the member's choice. Trips are then consigned to nonprofit organizations, which use them in fundraising auctions to raise contributions. 

Members save in more ways: vacation stays in exclusive homes, villas and condominiums come to them at members-only rates that are up to 60% lower than market rates. A destination manager helps you plan a memorable vacation, which includes a personal concierge who finesses your vacation arrangements in a beach, mountain, leisure, and city destination.

There's a one-time membership fee to join Getaway2Give. In addition, the new member makes a charitable donation to the cause of their choice. There are no annual dues.

Vacation experiences are available as steeply discounted 10 or 20-night vacation plans applicable to most Getaway2Give residences. Pricing may vary based on the location, the season and number of nights.

For those who would like to test the waters first, Getaway2Give offers a one-year trial membership. The fee of $7,500 includes a tax-deductible $2,750 charitable contribution and a $3,500 travel credit.


Getaway2Give's roster of residences is growing rapidly, encompassing city, beach, ski and leisure destinations worldwide. Members can choose from private residences in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colorado, San Francisco, New York City, London, and dozens more desirable spots.

Most of the residences are homes with from two to four bedrooms. But members seeking group getaways will find many large homes offered with five or more bedrooms. See all the ways a villa vacation can beat a hotel vacation.

Getaway2Give also offers bucket-list experiences such as chartered yachts, an African safari, a private island in Belize, and more.

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The Philanthropic Luxury Vacation Club

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Getaway2Give’s co-founder and president is Adam Capes, a St. Louis native and Cornell University grad now based in Atlanta. Adam is both a luxury travel entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Through his prior enterprise, Equity Estates, he helped raise over $750,000 for charitable causes.

"I grew up in a family that valued both travel and giving. I wanted to find an easy way to combine the best vacations with effective giving," says Adam. "The fruit of this passion was the G2G Collection, now rebranded as Getaway2Give. As we say here, we create memorable vacation experiences while helping charities raise significant money."

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