Fuzzy and JetBlue Partner up to Make Pet Travel Less Stressful

Anxiety and pet travel don't fly

JetBlue tailfins

Courtesy of JetBlue

Calling all pet parents! JetBlue and Fuzzy are pairing up to make traveling with your pet a little bit easier—beyond the furry-friendly skies. Yes, one of America's favorite airlines will now have your back when it comes to supporting your four-legged flight companions once you reach your destination by offering an exclusive membership to Fuzzy, a digital pet health service.

All pets (and pet parents) who book with JetBlue will receive a free one-year membership to Fuzzy, giving you 24/7 access to telehealth vet services, vet-approved pet products, and discounts on treats, toys, and vitamins. The membership will start pre-flight and include access to pre-travel aids like calming medication, emergency health kits, and anti-anxiety products.

"Fuzzy's number one goal is to bring joy to pet parenthood, and that should include traveling with pets," said Zubin Bhettay, CEO and co-founder of Fuzzy, in a statement shared with TripSavvy. "We're here to make caring for your pet easy, accessible, and affordable. Whether on the move or at home, Fuzzy is with pet parents every step of the way, unlocking expert veterinary access whenever and wherever you and your pet need it."

One of the biggest pluses of this partnership is taking the anxiety out of traveling with your pet. Forget frantically trying to find a vouched-for vet in a foreign city. Need a prescription filled after you land? No problem, you can refill your medication through a Fuzzy televet chat and pick up your pet's meds at a local vet pharmacy (though new prescriptions are currently only available in a handful of states). Fuzzy also stores your pet's medical information digitally so it can be easily accessed at any time, anywhere in the world.

"We want our customers to feel confident and prepared when traveling with pets," said Mariya Stoyanova, director of product development, at JetBlue. "As a brand committed to customer comfort and providing value, our partnership with Fuzzy helps ensure a seamless journey for customers—both human and four-legged."

JetBlue now charges $125 each way to bring your four-legged friend on board with you—less than the annual cost of the lowest-tier monthly Fuzzy membership—meaning this partnership more than pays for itself after just one leg of your journey. 

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