5 Fun Places to Take the Kids in NYC

Grab the Wee Ones & Head Straight to these Kid-Friendly Manhattan Attractions

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Looking to spend a little quality time with the young 'uns? Check out our top picks for places to take the kids in New York City. These Manhattan destinations are fun for kids of all ages (and that includes adults, too!). Whether you're a New York parent or hosting little visitors from out of town, you can't miss with these 5 classic NYC activities and venues for kids.

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    American Museum of Natural History
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    A trip to the American Museum of Natural History is a fun and educational experience for New York adults and kids alike. The museum offers a wealth of amazing exhibits  – from dinosaurs to ocean life to outer space. Repeat visits never get boring with so much to see – especially if your kid is currently in the dinosaur-freak or space-explorer stage. Tip: The museum hosts unforgettable sleepovers on occasion, too.

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    Crowd around Angel of the Waters Fountain at Bethesda Terrace, Central Park, New York City, NY, USA
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    Central Park is an urban oasis that offers lots of fun activities for parents and kids. Give your bikes or rollerblades a spin, go ice-skating during the winter, take a boat ride during the summer, or frolic in the playgrounds. And don't forget to visit the zoo, where kids can visit the petting zoo, and also see animals like monkeys, penguins, and grizzly bears.

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    The Children's Museum of Manhattan
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    The Children's Museum of Manhattan offers a fun, hands-on learning experience for kids. The rotating exhibits feature such kid favorites as Dora the Explorer, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Alice in Wonderland. During warm weather, the outdoor activity area lets kids splash around and learn about the scientific properties of water. There are even activities for the littlest kids, ages 4 and under.

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    Trapeze School New York
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    If you were ever tempted to encourage your kids to run away with the circus, here's your big chance to get them off to a flying start – literally. Trapeze School New York proposes one of Manhattan's most unique activities, for both kids and adults alike, with assorted training programs dedicated to the aerial art of flying trapeze.


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    Serendipity 3
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    This buzzing East Midtown mainstay has been the go-to for sweet-toothed kids of all ages for more than 60 years. Touting a family-friendly menu with cherry-on-top dessert indulgences, paired with a wonderfully whimsical decor, there's a reason lines at this enjoyable establishment frequently stretch out the door. Whether the kids are in tow, or you're simply ready to feel like a kid again yourself, Serendipity 3 cheerfully answers the call.