10 Facts About Sheetz That Even #SheetzFreakz Don't Know

Pittsburghers are passionate about Sheetz. On a road trip -- or on any drive, really -- this is where the locals stop for fuel, food, and clean bathrooms.

But there’s a lot more about the brand than meets the eye. These are the 10 facts about Sheetz that even #SheetzFreakz -- the nickname for the most ardent fans -- may not know.

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Family-Owned and Operated

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Ryan Sheetz, the company’s director of brand strategy, said his uncle Bob started the business in 1952 in Altoona. In the decades since, it has remained family-owned and operated. It’s not a franchise.

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It Was a Dairy

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The business started out as a dairy wholesaler, then began operating dairy stores in the Altoona area selling milk, cheese, meats, and newspapers. Around 1973, the company began selling gasoline, Sheetz said.

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Bigger Than Pittsburgh


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More than 500 stores span Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. About 30 new Sheetz stores open annually.

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Touch-Screen Monitors

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“We were the first to develop touch-screen monitors,” Sheetz said.

In the late 1980s, a Sheetz family member noticed touch-screen technology at a trade show. By 1993, Sheetz debuted touch-screen monitors -- a first for the convenience store and restaurant industry, which had previously relied on and paper-and-pencil ordering system.

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Giving Back and Sustainability

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Sheetz makes a point to connect with its community by sponsoring youth sports and providing donations to other charitable organizations, Sheetz said.

Sheetz stores use LED lighting, low-flow toilets, double-sided printer paper, and recycling. Electric vehicle charging stations are offered at many stores in Pennsylvania. Leftover ready-to-eat food items are donated to food banks.

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Respect for Wawa.

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In Pennsylvania, there’s a major rivalry between Sheetz in western Pennsylvania and Wawa in eastern Pennsylvania. And though they are fierce competitors, the two maintain “a very respectful relationship,” Sheetz said.

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More Than a Typical Drive-Through

Fresh food at Sheetz


At the Sheetz drive-through, customers can order food -- and pick up milk, bread, or anything else needed in a hurry.

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Super Sheetz

Food at Sheetz


For Sheetz fans -- they happily go by the name “Sheetz Freakz” -- the Super Sheetz is a special place. Double the size of a regular store, this store occupies about 10,000 square feet along 17th Street in Altoona -- “Sheetz taken to the next level,” Sheetz said. This flagship location often serves as the guinea pig to test out new menu items. It even sells beer, which is a rare feat in Pennsylvania.

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Restaurant-Quality Food

Hamburger, mozzarella sticks, and drinks made by Sheetz.


The large menu at Sheetz is rare among other gas station chains. “You can get restaurant-quality food at a gas station,” Sheetz said. Executive Chef Dan Coffin is constantly developing new food items. He has has a degree in culinary nutrition from Johnson & Wales University and is Marine Corps veteran who fed America’s troops during his service.

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