Directory of Stores at Fulton Mall, Brooklyn

A Robust Roster of Clothing and Shoe Stores for Men, Women and Children

Fulton Mall Brooklyn
••• Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images

More of a pedestrian shopping zone than a stereotypical suburban "mall," Brooklyn's Fulton Mall draws both budget-and style-conscious Brooklynites, neighboring New Yorkers, and tourists with its array of national brands and independent stores. Centrally located near Brooklyn Heights, both the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, and Fort Greene, this walkable street appeals to real estate developers with its high volume of traffic.

More than 150 retailers operate sales outlets on about eight blocks of Fulton Street. Anchored by Macy's department store, the thoroughfare stretches on an east-west path from the waterfront toward Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Fulton Mall History Spans Several Transformations

Fulton Mall's storied history began in the earliest days of the 20th century when New Yorkers of all backgrounds donned their best clothing to visit one of the city's busiest shopping districts. The 1980s brought a needed revitalization and a hip-hop vibe to the street. Additional gussying as the 21st century arrived kept the area's commercial character intact, and it remains a favored destination among New Yorkers of all backgrounds for an afternoon of strolling and shopping. The convenient location near several subway lines and a full cast of supporting eateries and bars make Fulton Mall a great place to meet friends and browse for a special something.

Among the many clothing and shoe stores, you can find jewelry stores, perfumeries, and specialty boutiques with accessories to round out your new outfit.

Clothing and Shoe Stores at Fulton Mall, Brooklyn:

  • Adidas 454 Fulton Street
  • Aeropostale 472 to 474 Fulton Street
  • Aldo 466 Fulton Street
  • American Eagle Outfitters Factory Store 442 Fulton Street
  • Ann Taylor Factory Store 447 Fulton Street
  • Banana Republic Factory Store 485 Fulton Street
  • Brooklyn USA 523 Fulton Street
  • Children's Place 471 Fulton Street
  • Claire's 523 Fulton Street
  • Cookies 510 Fulton Street
  • Dr. Jay's 479 Fulton Street
  • Expo 2000 376 Fulton Street
  • Express 490 Fulton Street
  • F21 Red 490 Fulton Street
  • Fallas Department Store 427 Fulton Street
  • Foot Locker 408 to 416 Fulton Street
  • Footaction 543 Fulton Street
  • Fulton Island 489 Fulton Street
  • Gap Factory Store 400 Fulton Street
  • H&M 497 to 501 Fulton Street
  • Jimmy Jazz 520 Fulton Street
  • Journeys 452 Fulton Street
  • Kids Foot Locker 440 Fulton Street
  • KoKo Shoes 583B Fulton Street
  • Lane Bryant 380 Fulton Street
  • Macy's 422 Fulton Street
  • Mirage Boutique 435 Fulton Street
  • Modell's Sporting Goods 360 and 464 Fulton Street
  • Nordstrom Rack 505 Fulton Street
  • Old Navy 503 Fulton Street
  • Orva Shoes 517 Fulton Street
  • Portabella Menswear 366 Fulton Street
  • Pretty Girl 514 to 516 Fulton Street
  • Ragga Muffin 487 Fulton Street
  • Rainbow 493 Fulton Street
  • Rd Cpt 547 Fulton Street
  • Sarit Shoes 415 Fulton Street 
  • Sneaker Maniac 491 Fulton Street
  • Sneaker Point 480 Fulton Street
  • Sneakers 472 Fulton Street
  • Social Apparel 455 Fulton Street
  • T.J. Maxx 503 Fulton Street
  • The Children's Place 471 Fulton Street
  • Unique Thrift Store 408 Fulton Street
  • XIOS 519 Fulton Street