Frozen Ever After Ride at Epcot

The popular movie inspired the ride with characters Anna and Elsa

Frozen Ever After In The Norway Pavilion At Epcot
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Disney's Frozen Ever After ride, which opened in 2016, is one of Epcot's most popular new attractions. 

Based on the crazy popular 2013 animated film "Frozen," the ride features scenes from the movie, and from the 2015 animated short feature "Frozen Fever."

The Ride and After

The ride replaced the Maelstrom at the Norway pavilion in Epcot, using the same tracks and vehicles.

The new attraction takes passengers on a journey to Arendelle for the Winter in Summer Celebration.

Stops along the route include Queen Elsa's Ice Palace and the North Mountain. Royal sibling Queen Anna is along for the ride too, and so is everyone's favorite comic snowman, Olaf.  

After the ride, guests can meet Anna and Elsa at their "Royal Sommerhaus." When Disney World began offering meet and greets with the "Frozen" gang, wait times quickly swelled up to five hours. Since then, the parks introduced MyMagic Plus passes and allowed guests to reserve character greetings using FastPass plus. If your kids (or you) absolutely have to meet the royal sisters, take advantage of the advance planning program. 

"Frozen" as Part of Norway's Epcot Pavilion

The "Frozen" ride is based in the Norway pavilion of Epcot. Typically the pavilions at Epcot had represented their countries' histories, architecture, landscaping, and cuisine. The pavilions are staffed by citizens of each country as well, and live entertainment that represents each country's culture is performed.


Norway was not one of the original pavilions at Epcot but was added in 1988. To date, it's the only pavilion at the theme park with fictional characters representing part of its cultural entertainment

It's interesting to note that when Epcot first opened, Mickey and his cartoon pals were banished from the park.

Disney wanted the world's fair/edutainment park -- its first to deviate from the Disneyland model -- to have a unique identity. Epcot-only characters Figment and Dreamfinder added some levity at the Imagination pavilion, but the rest of the park adopted a more serious tone.

With Disney incorporating "Frozen" characters into the mix, it's clear how far Epcot has evolved from its original vision.

Meet the 'Frozen' Characters at Other Disney Parks

At the Magic Kingdom, guests can meet Anna and Elsa at Princess Fairytale Hall. The princesses appear in the daily Festival of Fantasy Parade as well.

Clearly, the movie is a gift that keeps on giving at Disney World. Like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando, fans are crazy about "Frozen."