Free Yoga Classes in Montreal

Free and Affordable Yoga in the City

Free yoga classes in Montreal? Yes! They exist!
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From relieving stress to improving sex lives, the benefits of yoga, often described as meditation in motion, are allegedly legion and the amount of studios offering yoga courses seem to multiply every year.


Free Yoga Classes in Montreal

Finding a yoga studio in Montreal? Not particularly difficult. Finding a yoga studio in Montreal that offers free classes beyond the standard first-time "free trial" session is another story and yes, they are few and far between.

But I scoured the city and found a handful of regularly scheduled yoga freebies as well as a couple of very affordable options. Note that this list is regularly updated, this, since its original January 11, 2009 publication date.


  • Lululemon Athletica
    Every Lululemon store and showroom around the world offers free yoga classes every week. It's company policy. Just bring a yoga mat, water, dress comfortably and you're set. With four locations in Montreal, that makes for a lot of complimentary yoga.


  • Urban Forest Summer Morning Yoga
    Start your day with a free downtown yoga session every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7:45 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. July 4 through August 31, 2017. Make sure to bring your mat and reserve a spot. Canceled in case of rain.



    • Yoga in the Park on the Plateau
      From July 2 to September 24, 2017, the Main's Parc des Amériques is host to Sunday morning hour-long yoga sessions at 11 a.m. No registration required. Bring your mat. Cancelled in case of rain.


    • Studio Bliss Boutique
      In the words of Bliss: "Forget the snooze button and join us at the Studio Bliss Boutique at 3845 St. Laurent Blvd., Thursday mornings at 8 a.m. for a free yoga class designed to prepare you mentally and physically for the rest of your day. Beginners, this class is for you!" Be sure to contact Bliss before heading out as this schedule is subject to change without notice,


      • Equilibrium Yoga
        Pay-whatever-you-can-if-you-can-suggested-donation-five-dollars "karma" yoga classes are offered at Equilibrium as well as "full moon" yoga classes and crack-of-dawn sadhana, the latter of which if adhered to with sincere commitment and practice, reportedly leads to a healthy and balanced Kundalini awakening.


      • YogaYak
        YogaYak isn't based in Montreal, nor are the classes live, but you can take up to 200 yoga classes from the comfort of your own home for free.


      • Joy of Yoga
        Specializing in kripalu yoga and offering yoga in the park sessions in late spring and summer as well as standard studio classes, Joy of Yoga proposes free classes in exchange for volunteering time. In collaboration with the YMCA and Moksha Yoga.



      • United Yoga
        Barter system: volunteer your time and get access to free classes.


      • Yoga at Concordia University
        These sessions aren't free but just try to find more affordable yoga classes in Montreal, at only $30 to $50 for two classes a week over the course of three months. And if you're looking for a challenge, check out Louis Guillemette's power's  yoga class. I've taken it before and trust me, this Cirque du Soleil workshop leader and ex-La la la Human Steps dancer leads a serious sweat-inducing yoga workout.
        Neighborhood: Downtown Montreal
        INFO: (514) 848-2424, ext. 3860


        • Ha Yoga
          You're not made of money. Ha Yoga gets it. So they won't charge you a ridiculous $20 for a drop-in class. Instead, they slashed that typical fee down to a reasonable and accessible $10 for a 70-minute class, available seven days a week. Power Yoga classes are tad higher though at $15, but they last 90 minutes, which is close to double the length of your typical yoga class.




        To consult a directory of yoga studios in Montreal, check out this Montreal Yoga Directory.