Free Things to Do in Spain

Travel on a budget in Madrid, Barcelona, and Granada

Biking Gran Canaria, Spain
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If you're on a tight budget or just looking for something fun and free to do in Spain, you'll be pleasantly surprised. To the traveler, it may feel like capitalism passed Spain by, but this refreshing lack of money grabbing means that you can get many things very cheaply in Spain.

Free Museum Entry in Spain

Entry to museums in Spain isn't always costly. In fact, many museums in Spain offer one weekly or monthly free admission day. Many more have set days over the year that they don't charge admission.

Most museums in Spain are free on the following holidays:

  • October 12: Hispanidad Day
  • December 6: Constitution Day
  • May 2: Public Holiday (Madrid only)
  • May 18: International Museum Day
  • September 12: Dress rehearsal for the Noche en Blanco later in the month with free museum entry throughout the night (Madrid only)
  • September 22: Noche en Blanco throughout the night (Madrid only)
  • September 24: Public Holiday (Catalonia only)

Free Things to Do in Barcelona

Discover the very best things to do for free in Barcelona and then a comprehensive list of free museums in Barcelona.

Free Things to Do in Madrid

There aren't so many museums in Madrid that have free entry every day of the week, but there are loads that have a day or two a week that are free:

Free Accommodation in Spain

Couchsurfing and home exchanges are great ways to stay for free in Spain (there's a small fee involved in the latter, but not much). 

Free Tapas in Spain

A number of cities in Spain offer free tapas, but the best can be found in Granada.

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