Free Splash Pad Water Parks Near Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Families in Minnesota can forget about the $20 admission water parks and opt for free splash pads instead. Plus, there's only so much splashing kids can do in a wading pool. Babies, toddlers, and kindergartners can be entertained for much longer at a splash pad, which includes an interactive space with sprinklers and spraying water for them to run through and play in all day.

Parents who have taken their children to a splash pad know what it's like to see the joy on their child's face as they bounce around in the water. Kids get exhausted from splash pads, and it's obvious when they fall asleep the moment splash day is over. Every parent can look back at that special time when the family gathers together for the drive home.

Below are six places for families to find free splash pads around the Twin Cities.

Cedarcrest Park

The Cedarcrest Park Splash Pad is small but friendly. The playground and splash pad can be found right near the Cedar Valley Church, and parking is available for free in the church's parking lot.

Kelley Park

Kelley Park in Apple Valley has a cool collection of water sprayers, sprinklers, and fountains. Additionally, there is a large dry play area right next to the water for double the fun. The layout also makes it easier for parents to keep an eye on their kids.

Lewis Park

St. Paul installed their first splash pad at Lewis Park, in Midway St. Paul. This small splash pad has two kiddie swings and a playground. Visitors say that the park is maintained, has new equipment, and is fun for the kids.

Nicollet Commons Park

Nicollet Commons Park in Burnsville has a plaza with a collection of spraying fountains. This park is known as one of the best splash pads in the entire city due to its rock formations, shallow streams, and tiny waterfalls all around. This is also known as a great place to take the kids and shop around after a day in the sun.

Oak Hill

In St. Louis Park, the Oak Hill Splash Pad has a rainbow of sprinklers, bubblers, and water jets. This is the closest splash pad to Minneapolis. The park is free for residents and costs only $1 for non-residents.

Waite Park

Waite Park is up-to-date and has many water features for some family fun. The park also has a playground, wading pool, and other sports-related activities.

5 Additional Splash Pad Options in MN

Families that have done all the free splash pads already can explore additional splash pad options. For an admission charge, many water parks in the Twin Cities have splash pads as one of their amenities, such as the popular Minnesota Zoo. The following five splash pads below are worth checking out:

  • Bunker Beach Water Park
  • Great River Water Park
  • Highland Park Aquatic Center
  • Jim Lupient Water Park
  • North Commons Water Park
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