Free Restrooms in London: Know Where to Go

McDonalds, Leicester Square

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Whether you're visiting or a local, you'll want to know where the best loos are in central London. London train stations (not tube stations) all have toilets but they're not usually free and can cost up to 50p per visit.

The following public toilets have been chosen for their proximity to major London attractions. (Remember, all museums and galleries have free loos, too.)

The Great British Public Toilet Map is a handy tool to locate restrooms in your local area. 

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Near The London Eye

London Eye and County Hall
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The London Eye Ticket Hall is in County Hall and there are free toilets downstairs.

A few steps further along the South Bank brings you to Southbank Centre. Head into the Royal Festival Hall as there are loads of toilets in there and they are always clean. There's also a great cafe and bar in there, as well as a number of restaurants outside.

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Near the Houses of Parliament/Westminster Abbey

Methodist Central Hall
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The toilets opposite Westminster Abbey cost 50p per visit. Fortunately, there are also free toilets in the Parliament Square area.

The Methodist Central Hall is two minutes' walk from the Houses of Parliament, opposite Westminster Abbey, and next to those over-priced public facilities. The toilets are in the basement and there is elevator access. Why not stop off for a cup of tea at the peaceful Wesley's Cafe, also in the basement?

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Trafalgar Square Sights

Trafalgar Square

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Public toilets are situated on the west side of Trafalgar Square at the base of the central staircase. From the north terrace (the raised area in front of the National Gallery) the toilets and the cafe can be accessed by an elevator, or you can walk around the side of the square.

Baby care facilities are available.

Of course, you could always go into the National Gallery and use their free facilities instead

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Oxford Street Department Stores

Oxford Street London
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All London department stores have public toilets. Anyone can use them, whether you're a customer or not, and there's never a charge. Most department stores have public toilets on more than one floor so you shouldn't have to wait.

The ones to remember on Oxford Street are Selfridges, House of Fraser, Debenhams, and John Lewis.

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McDonald’s London Olympic Park Flagship restaurant
McDonald’s/Daniel Lynch

McDonalds' in London usually have clean public toilets. As long as you don't get in the way of paying customers, it usually won't offend them if you to nip in and use the facilities. Even if there is a sign stating 'Toilets for Customers Only' you can normally still get away with it.

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