How to Find Free and Discounted RV Parking

camper parked in grass overlooking the ocean
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Whether you're visiting a National Park, a tourist trap, or something between, free and discount RV parking can be found, earned, and used on your travels. We put together a guide on finding discounted and free RV parking you can rely on to cut costs when RVing, no matter the destination.

Finding Discount or Free RV Parking

Free and discount RV parking is often offered at campgrounds, National Parks, and other areas of the country throughout the year but it's rarely advertised. To get these parking deals, you'll have to research and remain persistent. If you’re a new RVer or don’t travel often, chances are you won’t find as much free RV parking as you’d hoped for by just showing up and hoping for the best.

Joining RV and Camping Discount Clubs

Many RVing and travel clubs offer discounts, deals, and point systems that earn you free RV parking during your travels. It can take some time to earn these deals, but it’s one of the perks of joining certain RV communities. Check out what each RV community offers before signing up for the one that’s right for you.

Some RV clubs to consider joining for free parking and discounts across North America include:

There are also several websites out there offering RVers a cheaper way to find parking, including:

Visit Destinations During Events and Free Days

Throughout the year, National Parks and campgrounds offer free RV parking for certain events and anniversaries. If you register in time, you can get free parking during those events which can be an exciting way to learn more about an area of the country you’ve never been to before. That’s one of the biggest perks of being an RVer.

Visit an RV Park or Campground When They Open

When a campground or RV park first opens, they offer deals and other incentives for RVers to come and visit. It sometimes includes free RV parking. If you check the area you’re traveling to for new RV park options, call and see what type of specials they offer and take advantage of free RV parking if they offer it. 

Enter Contests and Drawings for Free Parking and Other Perks

RV magazines and companies often sponsor free RV parking during contents throughout the year. Check out the manufacturer, dealer, and magazine websites to see what types of contests they’re running and make sure to enter as many times you can for a chance at free RV parking.

Consider Workamping During Your Travel

Workamping can be an easy way to earn free RV parking during a trip or a long stretch of time in an area. You basically work for an RV park, campground, or National Park. In exchange for working for them, you get paid for parking and other amenities. While workamping typically is for RVers looking to stay at a destination for longer stretches of time, it can be a worthwhile experience during the summer for families.

Pro Tip: During the holiday season, Amazon offers a program called CamperForce. Consider workamping with Amazon for free RV parking and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What to Do When You Can’t Find Free RV Parking

If you can’t find free RV parking, you can get discounts for booking trips in advance and for certain lengths of time. The longer you pay for an RV parking spot, the better the discount you get overtime for it. So, if you’re planning a vacation three months from now, and you book back-to-back weekends over a six-week period of time, you’ll more than likely get a discount from the campground or RV park you booked at.

We’ve shown you five places to park your RV in a pinch. While these are free, they’re short-term. If you’re looking for something for a longer getaway, you’re going to have to work for free RV parking.

There are RVers out there that never pay for RV parking. It takes savvy to achieve that level of dedication, but it almost becomes a game. If you’re ready to play the free RV parking game, good luck!