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Frazier History Museum in Louisville

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The Frazier History Museum

829 W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202, USA
+1 502-753-5663

What is the Frazier History Museum?

The Frazier History Museum is a popular museum on Main Street in Louisville, KY. The Frazier History Museum has over 1,000 years of history packed into three floors on Louisville’s famous Museum Row. The permanent collection includes armor, historical documents, toy soldiers, weapons and world leader memorabilia. The museum also curates and hosts temporary exhibitions, has interactive stations, stages performances of historical interpretations and is the location for many special events.

What is a historical interpretation?

The Frazier has actors on staff; their job is to bring the stories of the past to life. The live performances are popular with both young and old visitors, it is an entertaining and engaging way to learn about the individuals and events that have changed the course of history. Plus, if you see local theater (or visit the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, which is on the same street as the Frazier Museum and features a multimedia display of Louisville's past featuring local actors) you are sure to see a familiar face or two. The scenes are a nice way for all ages, but especially kids, to access historical information that may not be familiar.

Bourbon History at the Frazier

The museum also has a Bourbon History exhibit. The display includes artifacts, oral histories and an explanation of what makes bourbon the spirit it is. In partnership with the Kentucky Distillers' Association, the Frazier aims to show visitors the impact the American spirit has on Kentucky. Both in the state's culture and in its history and economy.​

Frazier History Museum
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Where is the Frazier Museum?

Across the street from the Louisville Slugger Museum, the Frazier Museum is located on Main St. There is plenty to do on Main St., if you want to make a day of it. There are live theatres, oodles of restaurants, fancy hotels and plenty of historical buildings to admire as you stroll. In fact, the building that houses the Frazier Museum was erected in the late 19th century was originally called the Doerhoefer Building. Members of the Doerhoefer family ran the Monarch Tobacco Works in the late 1800s and early 1900s. 

How old is the museum?

The building opened as the Frazier Historical Arms Museum in 2004. The museum launched out of an individual's private collection of weapons and armor. More donations were given and more money was raised. As the project grew and more of the collection was put on display, it became clear calling it an arms museum was not fully representing all the museum has to offer. The name was changed to the Frazier History Museum because although there are many arms on display, there are a large number of historical artifacts within the collection that are not related to weaponry.

What is the mission of the museum?

“The Frazier Museum’s mission is to provide experiences that encourage inquiry as a catalyst for building individual respect and cooperation.”

Frazier History Museum
829 W. Main Street
(502) 753-5663

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The Frazier History Museum is a Louisville Treasure