7 Ways to Enjoy Frankfurt in Spring

Frankfurt main squares

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Spring (or Frühling auf Deutsch) is when the worker bees of Frankfurt start to shake off the long, cold, grey winter and prepare to make the most of this international metropolis. The weather may not warm up until May, but the first signs of a changing season mean it is time to forget business.

Look at the city from on high, find some green space, and order a glass of Ebbelwoi. These are the top 7 things to do in Frankfurt in spring.

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    Main Tower

    Aerial View Frankfurt Hesse Main Tower Germany
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    Germany's city of skyscrapers, Mainhattan, is best viewed from above. At 200 meters (240 meters including the antenna), this building is part of the impressive skyline and a legitimate landmark. Take a moment to get the best view of the city from Main Tower's viewing platform and admire Frankfurt in the changing light. 

    Elevators whisk visitors up to the observation deck every day of the week.

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    ferris wheel at Frankfurt spring fair
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    Dippemess is the largest and oldest folk festivals in the Rhine and centers on the Festplatz (Fairground) on Ratsweg. The fair dates back to the 14th century and was a market for local goods like pottery.

    Today's fest is better-known for its modern carnival rides, roller coasters, and fireworks. If you miss the festival, take heart that it actually happens twice a year: once in April and at the end of September.

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    palmengarten frankfurt botanical gardens
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    The Botanical Gardens were founded in 1868 by citizens of the city and offers a temporary getaway to the African savanna to the Brazilian rainforest. The gardens cover over 50 acres with multiple ​greenhouses and close to 6,000 botanical species.

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    apfelwein franfurt
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    Spring is the perfect season for the drink of the region, Apfelwein or Ebbelwoi. Indulge in this lightly alcoholic apple cider in the district of Sachsenhausen in traditional taverns like Dauth Schneider and Adolf Wagner.

    If you want to take your cider on the road, the Apple Wine Express(Ebbelwei Express) is a historic tram that combines touring with drinking. For the kiddos there is non-alcoholic cider and snacks. Everyone can enjoy the traditional Schlager music.

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    Deck8 is a perfectly Frankfurt biergarten. Eschewing the traditional features of other biergartens, the site is built on top of a parking garage and offers pools, palm trees, and views. If the weather fails you, a glassed-in area maintains the atmosphere while keeping out the drops.

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    Waldspielpark frankfurt
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    A relief from the winter grey, a trip to the woods is perfect for the whole family. There is a large playground with a pool and nature maze for the kinder (kids) and a Goetheturm for the adults to climb. This tower is from 1931 and is one of the highest wooden viewing towers in Germany. The view of Frankfurt rivals that of the Main Tower.

    Other parks in Frankfurt:

    • Carl-von-Weinberg Park - District Niederrad
    • Heinrich Kraft Park - District Fechenheim
    • Scheer forest - District Oberrad
    • Schwanheimer Waldspielpark - District Schwanheim
    • Waldspielpark Louisa - District Sachsenhausen
    • Waldspielpark Tannenwald - District Sachsenhausen
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    Holbeinsteg, Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany, Europe
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    A walk along the Museum Embankment is best done in springtime. This promenade runs through the city center, lined with the best museums in Frankfurt. These include the German Film Museum, fine art at the Städel Museum, and Senckenberg Museum (one of largest museums dedicated to natural history in Germany).

    On Saturdays (from 9:00 to 14:00) this area is a hunting ground for bargains as the site of Frankfurt's largest Flohmarkt (flea market). It is much better to do your shopping when it is not raining.