FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys Set Review

Shovels, bucket, rakes, and more will keep kids happy at the shore

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FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys Set

FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys Set

Tripsavvy / Sarah Vanbuskirk

What We Like
  • Includes all the basic sand toys

  • Bright colors

  • Has fun extra molds

  • Made of sturdy materials

  • Simple, thoughtful design

What We Don't Like
  • Sand clings to the case

  • Challenging to get pieces back in case

Bottom Line

The FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys Bucket Shovels Rakes Kit is a low cost, excellent quality beach toy buy that hits all the classic sand toys with a few extras thrown in.


FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys Set

FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys Set

Tripsavvy / Sarah Vanbuskirk

We purchased the FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys Set so our reviewer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

Beaches and playing in the sand go hand and hand, especially with little kids in tow. Most kids always want to dig and while hands and sticks work just fine, special tools work better and lend themselves to more exploration, particularly for kids on the young side, although my 14-year-old is just a prone to drop and dig as my first grader. For this reason, a day at the beach is always made more enjoyable with a sand toy set. These kits provide kids and parents hours of building, digging, raking, and sand-shaping fun. 

There are countless options when it comes to sand toy kits and most of them, including this one, feature many of the same basic items that we all remember from when we were kids, particularly a shovel, rake, an ocean-themed mold or two, and bucket. The FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys Bucket Shovels Rakes set offers all that and more.

Design: Basic but good-quality

The best part of this set is that each piece is made from sturdy, yet light, plastic that will last through lots of wear. Whereas some sand toy kits seem destined to break at the first hit of firm sand, there is nothing flimsy or clunky about the FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys Bucket Shovels Rakes kit’s digging tools. The stems of the rake and shovel are thick enough to withstand vigorous use and also the optimal size for little (and big) hands, particularly those that are still mastering their fine motor skills, to get a good grip and find sandcastle-building success. The bright, rich primary and secondary colors of each toy are pleasing to the eye.

FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys Set
 Tripsavvy / Sarah Vanbuskirk

The set also doesn’t just limit itself to the necessary classics. The bucket isn’t just a basic bucket, it is in the shape of a castle and has a sturdy handle that won’t break off the first time it’s yanked. The set also includes the much-beloved watering can and a sand sifter toys as well. The kit also has multiple molds in the shape of a hand, a turtle, a dinosaur, castle turrets, and more, which greatly extend sand play options. The clear plastic case lets you easily see what is in the case and also makes bringing home wet and sandy beach toys less messy. It also has soft, yellow cloth handles that make the case easy and comfortable to carry.

Entertainment Value: Hours of fun

Once it arrived in the mail, my kids were immediately intrigued and eager to take this set to the beach for a test drive. Of particular interest was the watering can, which is a tool my youngest always gravitates toward and my kids tend to jockey over. Luckily, there are more than enough cool options within the set for each of my five kids to find something to entertain themselves with.

These sets give kids and parents hours of building, digging, raking, and sand-shaping fun.

It’s hard to go wrong with sand toys but this kit will delight kids of all ages and offers many possibilities for digging, building, raking, and otherwise exploring the sand and shore. The kit includes 16 versatile pieces so there are more than enough items for a group of children to share. If you need inspiration, check out these sand play game ideas.

Educational Value: Tactile learning

Playing with sand is a great experience for kids of all ages. In my experience with my children, this set encourages exploration, conversation, collaboration, and engagement with nature.

Age Range: Toddler and up

The FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys Bucket Shovels Rakes kit can be enjoyed by just about anyone of any age. Once a toddler is past putting sand in the mouth, or is being closely monitored to avoid this, which they would be anyway on a beach, even the youngest child can use and have fun with these toys.

Ease of Cleaning: Takes effort

Sand is notoriously difficult to clean up and is particularly clingy to plastics, making it a challenge to remove the sand that naturally accumulates all over the shovel, rake, molds, water can, and bucket. Water does the trick for most of it but stubborn bits of sand will likely remain. This is a case with any plastic beach toy and this set is no worse where the toys are concerned.

FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys Set
 Tripsavvy / Sarah Vanbuskirk

However, the zip-up plastic case does seem to attract a bit more sand than normal—although it is a sand toy so a little sand residue is to be expected. Mere water did not get all of the sand coating off and required wiping it off with paper towels to get most of it out. Once the sand dries, much of the remainder did shake off and out of the case but some stubborn grains won’t budge. Another drawback of the case is that it takes strategizing to get all the pieces organized in the optimal way to get them all to fit back into the zippered case. On the plus side, after the first few times, it becomes easier. Most little kids would not be able to accomplish this on their own without a lot of frustration and likely a piece or two getting left out.

Price: Competitively Priced

Consumers can find endless options for beach sand toy kits and just as many price points, starting around $5 to $30 or more. However, sets that have about the same number and type of pieces seem to hover around $12 to $20. This set retails around $17, which puts it on the higher end but its superior quality and design, long-lasting pieces and sturdy case make it worth the extra dollar or two.

The set also doesn’t just limit itself to the necessary classics.

Competition: FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys Bucket Shovels Rakes vs. Fun Little Toys 19 PCs Kids Beach Sand Toy Set

When compared with the Little Fun Toys 19 PCs Kids Beach Sand Toy Set, the FoxPrint Set comes out the winner. Yes, the FoxPrint kit only has 16 pieces for about $17, while the FoxPrint version offers 19 for roughly the same price. However, the former has sturdier handles on its digging tools and buckets and pieces that are better quality and have a bit more personality. You can just tell the FoxPrint set is made to last. The Fun Little Toys set does offer a water wheel toy, which kids would definitely gravitate toward but the FoxPrint set compensates with its castle-shaped bucket and sand sifting tray. The clear plastic case of the FoxPrint set allows for tidier transport than the Fun Little Toys brand’s mesh bag case, which will let the items air dry but will seep out sand and water all the way home.

Great buy for beach play.

FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys Bucket Shovels Rakes is an ideal sand toy set to take to the beach and will entertain kids (and adults) of all ages for hours of sand building, digging, and exploring that will never get boring. It’s economical, well-made, portable, and loads of fun.


  • Product Name Beach Sand Toys Set
  • Product Brand FoxPrint
  • Price $15.99
  • Weight 1 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 10.5 x 7.25 x 8.5 in.
  • Product Number 573291608
  • Recommended Age Range 2 and up
  • What's Included 16 pieces of sand-play tools: 2 castle wall molds; 2 round castle molds, sand sifter watering can, rake, shovel, castle bucket, and alligator, crocodile, turtle, and dinosaur molds
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