Foreign Lands of Europa-Park - Part 2

Europe's second most popular theme park, Europa-Park, just broke the 5 million mark in December 2014 and continues to grow and expand.  Visitors to this unique German attraction can actually visit all the lands of Europe on the amusement park grounds. The theme park is divided into 13 different European countries with unique architecture, attractions and food. Explore all of Europe in just 90 hectares!

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    Erin Porter

    Embrace the chill in this icy region. The first wooden coaster, Wodan Timbur Coaster, draws the crowds as it winds around Atlantica SuperSplash and the modern coaster, Blue Fire. My favorite ride in the park, Blue Fire is a launched roller coaster based on the legendary Blue Lagoon in Iceland. The story line prepares you for something completely out-of-control and the ride delivers with high-powered loops, dips and hopefully no hurls.

    Walk the rest of the Viking Village to discover the Whale Adventures Splash Tours and crafts. 

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    Erin Porter

    This land of water rides stars the Atlantica SuperSplash. Closed in winter, the sailing ship Santa Marian guarantees adventure and the chance to get wet.

    For another chance to touch the sky, ride the lofty Ferris Wheel for yet another impressive view of the park.

    Located in roughly the center of the park, this is also one of the best areas to grab a bite with plenty of food options, both fitting the country theme and offering standard (and inexpensive) German fare like goulash and wursts.

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    Once again, something looks familiar. "Piraten in Batavia" (or Pirates in Batavia) seems an awful lot like Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" and the Koffiekopjes may have a Holland-centric name, but are reminiscent of Disney's teacups. No matter. The rides are equally appealing to their big-name counterparts.

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    Erin Porter

    Alpine details and two excellent little roller coasters make Switzerland one of my favorite sections of the park. The Matterhorn Blitz starts with a wonky, tilting elevator type motion and whips you through its short track with some killer cut-backs. Also in theme, the Swiss Bob Run operates on the freedom of a bobsled-like run and was the first of it's type in the world.

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    The Alpenexpress is the oldest coaster in the park and is themed like a train from the mines. The lead-up to the traditional Tirol Log Flume ride is the Magic World of Diamonds enlivened with animatronics.

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    A water world of attractions, riders are at the mercy of the Sea God on Poseidon.

    In winter, the water rides shut down and the fun takes place on the ice rink. Check the show calendar for times.


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    Located at the opposite end of the park from "Germany", this end of the park provides another entrance near the park hotels. A Flamenco stage is set among the Columbus Dinghy and the mad spinning of the Feria Swing.

Besides the many European lands around the park, there is Adventure Land, Grimm's Enchanted Forest, Minimoys Kingdom and Children's World. Very family-friendly, they include attractions like personal Jungle Rafts and the elegant African Queen steam boat on the water and interactive Water Fountains. There are loads of photo opportunities like the stocks for bad little boys and girls (and their parents)! In addition to all of these crowd-pleasing sites, there are numerous shows and performances. And don't forget to keep an eye out for performers roaming the park for hugs.