6 Great Food Delivery Spots in the French Quarter

Night view of Bourbon street with downtown buildings in the background.
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Even in a city with restaurants as spectacular as those in New Orleans, there is zero shame in taking a breather and having something good 'n' greasy delivered right to your hotel room. Don't be mistaken: if you want Commander's Palace-level cuisine, you're going to have to swap out the bathrobe for pants and jump on the streetcar. But these restaurants will do the trick if you're staying in a French Quarter hotel and your plans for the evening are a bit more low-key.

Verti Marte

This hole-in-the-wall grocery store and deli isn't much to look at from the outside (or the inside, honestly), but they make some of the best po-boys in the city. Their menu includes all sorts of other stuff -- hot entrées, salads, fried seafood baskets -- but for my money, the po-boy is where it's at.
Try the "All That Jazz," which includes ham, turkey, shrimp, cheeses, grilled mushrooms, and tomatoes with the spicy house sauce. Vegetarians will be thrilled with the "Green Giant," a bunch of veggies and mushrooms all griddled together and smothered with cheese. Simpler classics like fried catfish, fried oysters, and roast beef are also available.

Verti Marte is open 24 hours and French Quarter delivery is free, but fair warning: they don't always have someone on hand to make deliveries in the later night and wee hours of the morning. Still worth a try.

13 Monaghan

Tachos. They're like nachos, but they're made with tater tots. And now you probably want some, don't you? They're the specialty of the house at this bar and grill on Frenchmen Street, just outside the Quarter. 13 Monaghan also serves up solid sandwiches and a whole lot of vegetarian and vegan options, as well as good soups and salads.

Daisy Duke's Express

A classic greasy spoon with a Cajun twist, Daisy Duke's is fast, cheap, and easy. Breakfast all day options include an omelet made with alligator meat, and gumbo and jambalaya are always available. For more conventional tastes, burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, and fried chicken finger baskets should do the trick. They have a kids' menu as well.

City Greens

If you just rolled out of bed at noon feeling like every cell in your body is rejecting your Bourbon Street experience from the night before (we've all been there), something fresh and healthy might sound awfully tempting. City Greens is lunch-only, but they offer really nice wraps, salads, and soups, as well as fresh-pressed juices. Their apple-beet-carrot-ginger juice alongside a bowl of their tangy Thai peanut noodles might just be the best hangover cure in the city.

City Greens' Poydras Street location delivers in the Central Business District and Upper French Quarter (call if you think you might be outside the zone).

Vieux Carré Pizza

Pizza's pretty great hotel food -- you don't need a table or silverware, and if you're brave, you can even get away without plates. Vieux Carré does a good pie (New Yorkers and Chicagoans may disagree, but it does the trick for us mere mortals) and, as they say, "chances are if you're still awake, we're still delivering."

Vieux Carré delivers throughout the French Quarter and some parts of adjacent neighborhoods until 3:00 am or later every night.

Golden Wall

Golden Wall specializes in American-style Chinese food at good prices with generous portions. Seriously generous. For ~$6.75, you get enough Lo Mein to feed a small army. It's not the best Chinese food you've ever had, by any stretch, but stick to the classics and you'll find that it's quite good and certainly does the trick. 

Golden Wall delivers to the French Quarter and CBD from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm every day.

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