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Whether you're driving through Minnesota on your way somewhere else or just looking for a good place to tune into the local scene on your trip to the Twin Cities, there are plenty of FM radio stations to choose from.

The FM radio stations in the Twin Cities broadcast all kinds of music as well as news and talk radio to residents and guests of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area 24 hours a day. We've compiled a list of reliable stations (with a clear signal) for tuning into the radio while visiting the Twin Cities, listed in order of frequency.

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KBEM, Jazz88: 88.5 FM

This radio station is hosted by Minneapolis Public Schools, playing jazz and roots music as well as offering comprehensive traffic updates for the Twin Cities. Jazz88 also sponsors a student program for aspiring radio broadcast hosts and producers and partners with many local organizations and companies.

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KMOJ, "The People's Station": 89.9 FM

This community radio station's mission statement is to "develop Communities of Color with information and education through the vehicle of mass communication which includes: computer/internet, television, radio, and print journalism." Although it started as a station centered on African-American voices, "The People's Station" now features music from all communities of color including rhythm & blues (R&B), hip-hop, gospel, reggae, jazz, blues, Latin, salsa, and many more.

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KFAI: 90.3 FM

This community volunteer noncommercial radio station broadcasts on two different frequencies depending on where you are in the Twin Cities: 90.3 FM for Minneapolis and 106.7 FM for St. Paul. KFAI has been on the air in the Twin Cities since 1978 and features a diverse range of genres and radio hosts.

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KNOW, Minnesota Public Radio News: 91.1 FM

Similar to National Public Radio (NPR), Minnesota Public Radio functions as a "voice of the people," partially funded by individual contributions of Minnesotans. You can tune into MPR News for the latest updates in national and world politics and current events as well as Minnesota-specific information, including policy debates on the latest state legislature.

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WMCN, Macalester College Radio; 91.7 FM

You can listen to student DJs 24/7 on WMCN, Macalester College Radio. This free-format station streams music, news, and philosophical discussions depending on when you tune in. According to their mission statement, MRC's broadcasts focus on bringing listeners "the best music, ideas, and news, on a local scale relevant to the Mac-Groveland community, as well as a global scale in line with Macalester College's emphasis on global citizenship."

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KQRS: 92.5 FM

KQRS is Minnesota's premier classic rock station, broadcasting online and on 92.5 FM across much of the state, including Minneapolis and St. Paul. KQRS hosts a variety of concerts and contests throughout the year, so check the schedule on their website.

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KXXR, 93X Rocks: 93.7 FM

As the name suggests, 93X Rocks plays rock and roll music all day and night on 93.7 FM. The station started as an "easy listening" channel in the early 1960s, playing what some might call elevator music but was known as "beautiful music" in the 50s and 60s. In any case, it now plays rock and roll and hosts the annual 93XFest in Somerset, Wisconsin.

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KSTP, KS95: 94.5 FM

Oftentimes known as KS95, KSTP-FM is a radio station that broadcasts from the border of Minneapolis and St. Paul and plays Top-40 adult contemporary hits all day long. KSTP has been in operation off and on since 1947​ and has won many awards from the National Association of Broadcasters throughout its history.

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KTWN, Praise FM: 96.3 FM

Although it previously broadcast on its own channel on 95.3 FM, Praise FM merged with KTWN in 2016 and has since been broadcasting their signature gospel music, worship services, and Christian-based news. According to their website, the official mission statement of Praise FM is "to create opportunities for you to experience Jesus and our desire is to come alongside you as you walk with Him."

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KTCZ, Cities97: 97.1 FM

Owned by iHeartMedia, Inc., the parent company of the popular online streaming iHeartRadio service, Cities97 plays light adult contemporary on 97.1 FM. Like 93X, Cities97 also hosts a series of concerts, contests, and special events throughout the year as well as a daily talk show in the mornings.

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KCMP, The Current: 89.3 FM

The Current is another channel run by Minnesota Public Radio with a focus on adult alternative music. The Current typically plays entire albums instead of individual tracks and features many albums made by local artists. Like MPR News, the Current is funded largely by individual donations.

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KTIS: 98.5 FM

The University of Northwestern St. Paul radio station plays Christian contemporary music and is funded entirely by listener donations. Along with playing great hits, KTIS also sponsors many engagement projects around the UNW-SP campus and community.

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KSJN, MPR Classic: 99.5 FM

The third (and final) MPR station playing in the Twin Cities area is MPR Classic, which features non-stop classical music introduced by disc jockeys with soothing, deep voices. MPR Classic also broadcasts local orchestral and symphonic concerts on occasion, including contemporary classical acts.

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KUOM, Radio K: 100.7 FM

This popular University of Minnesota radio station plays alternative music, but the frequency varies depending on where you are in the Twin Cities. In Minneapolis, the frequency is 100.7 FM during school hours and 106.5 FM afterward while the frequency for the Metro area any time of day is 104.5 FM.

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KFXN, KFAN Sports Radio: 100.3 FM

KFAN is the leading sports radio broadcast in the Twin Cities region, covering local teams as well as national sports year-round. Owned by iHeartRadio, KFAN has gone through many changes throughout the years but has served as the home channel for the Minnesota Vikings since 2011 under the KFXN-FM call sign.

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KDWB: 101.3 FM

Another iHeartRadio station in Minneapolis-St. Paul, KDWB plays Top-40 hits and is the go-to station for mainstream music's biggest hits. However, DKWB has been in business far longer than its current iteration under iHeartRadio—it's been a top 40 hits station since 1959.

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KEEY, K102 Country: 102.1 FM

Also known as K102 Country, KEEY-FM is an iHeartRadio station playing country music's biggest hits of the past and today. K102 is one of the most popular stations in the Twin Cities, ranking just behind KQRS 92.5 FM in ratings most years.

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KMNB, Buz'n: 102.9 FM

102.9 FM has been through many hands over the years, playing everything from "beautiful music" in the 60s to lite adult contemporary throughout the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. However, KMNB is now called Buz'n and plays the latest in country music, including local bands and artists.

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KTMY, myTalk: 107.1 FM

This woman-centric talk radio station typically tries to focus on everything except for politics—entertainment, local news, gossip, and other lighthearted discussions. myTalk also features a weekly dish, cooking advice and recipes, and a variety of entertainment duos discussing the "T" of the day.

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KQQL, Kool 108: 107.9 FM

Kool 108 is the Twin Cities' designated "Christmas Superstation" from Friday of the week before Thanksgiving through midnight on Christmas Day. However, the rest of the year KQQL is the go-to place for hit songs from almost every genre in the 70s and 80s.

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