Nudism in Florida

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Florida can no longer cover up the naked truth. Nude and clothing-optional resorts are taking off.

Organized nudity became the fashion in the early 20th century in Germany as a way of shedding the too-tight collars for less restrictive clothing. After World War II, the idea caught on as international tourism took hold. Today it is a worldwide practice, although not always widely accepted. Certainly, Florida's mild temperatures create the perfect climate for optional clothing opportunities, even if Florida Law casts an uneven shadow on the conduct.

Note that nudity in a public place may constitute a violation of one or more Florida Statutes. If you have concerns about this issue, you should contact the law enforcement agency in the area that you will be staying.

Is Nudism Legal in Florida?

In Brevard County's Public Nudity Ordinance, Playalinda Beach is specifically addressed. In the findings of the Board of County Commissioners, Playalinda Beach's nudity is specifically addressed and it is determined that nude sunbathing is not constitutionally protected. However, law enforcement has been known to look the other way unless there have been complaints or if the nudity includes sexual behavior.

Perhaps it is the irregular distribution and enforcement of nudity laws that are driving naturists to private nude and clothing-optional resorts and clubs creating a surge in their popularity. Resorts and clubs sit on private property which usually obtains land-use permits allowing the lifestyle. Even so, even private property owners could run into some friction should they host a large nude event.

Like other controversial issues, these may never go away. Nude and clothing-optional proponents may forever be locked into a battle with those that make and enforce the laws that govern the use of public facilities and seek to limit freedom of private land use. So, bare if you dare while you're in Florida, but be sure to check local laws wherever you go and be prepared to cover up if asked.

If you are interested in learning more about nudism in Florida, there are many local nudist associations like Florida Naturists and Sanibel Naturists that can provide more resources.

Nude Beaches in Florida

If you want to visit a nude beach in Florida, you'll probably have to go the extra mile. However, if you look hard enough you can find clothing-optional beaches in most coastal counties.

Naturist Resorts in Florida

If you need more than just one beach to enjoy your vacation in your birthday suit, you'll find plenty of clothing-optional resorts in Pasco, Osceola, Broward, St. Lucie, and Volusia counties.

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