Flik's Flyers

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    Flik's Flyers at Disney California Adventure

    Flik's Flyers in A Bug's Land
    ©2011 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.

    NOTE: This ride is now closed. Flik's Flyers was a ride in Disney California Adventure's Bug's Land area. To make room for its new Marvel-Themed section, Bug's Land closed in September, 2018. Until the new Marvel area is finished in 2020, you can read about the old ride.

    Flik's Flyers may be re-themed and moved to Pixar Pier, but no date has been announced.

    Remembering Flik's Flyers

    Flik's Flyers is one of the cute little rides in Bug's Land that are tame enough for very small children and so huggably darling that you won't be able to resist taking pictures of them.

    What would happen if a bunch of enterprising insects decided to build a carnival ride? It might look a lot like Flik's Flyers. Suspended baskets attached to balloons rotate around a central column. Leaves are stitched together to make "balloons," and twigs attach them to ride vehicles made from empty boxes of cookies, raisins, apple sauce, and carry-out Chinese food.

    Even the wait time sign looks like a big silver button. A spinning pie pan on top of an ice cream container in the middle hides the mechanism that makes it turn. It's so all cute that it's worth a look even if you don't want to ride.

    All of Flik's Fun Fair is geared toward small children. The rides are gentle and cute, with no pesky height limits. Your little ones will love it, but kids who are over "baby rides" may turn up their noses and the rides don't offer much for adults, other than giggling over just how stinkin' cute they are. 

    What You Need to Know About Flik's Flyers

    • Location: Flik's Fun Fair in A Bug's Land
    • Rating: ★★- higher for small children
    • Restrictions: None
    • Ride Time: 90 seconds
    • Recommended for: This ride is good for small children.
    • Fun Factor: Medium for little kids, low for bigger ones.
    • Wait Factor: Low. In fact, it's seldom longer than about 10 minutes. However, that's longer than other rides in Bug's Land.
    • Fear Factor: Low
    • Herky-Jerky Factor: Low
    • Nausea Factor: Low, unless you get dizzy easily or suffer from extreme fear of heights. If you're prone to motion sickness, choose your seat so you will be going forward, not backward.
    • Seating: Ride vehicles are crazy contraptions built from things bugs might find and use. They are suspended. Riders sit in bench seats facing each other. Each vehicle can hold 4 people. You have to step up to get in.
    • Accessibility: You will have to transfer from your wheelchair or ECV into the ride vehicle, by yourself or with help from your traveling companions. Enter with everyone else.
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    How to Have More Fun on Flik's Flyers

    Ride Vehicles at Flik's Flyers
    ©Betsy Malloy Photography
    • Flik's ride is similar to Dumbo and Autopia in Disneyland. Riders control the vertical motion of their vehicle and you can stay close to the ground if you want.
    • If your child wants to ride in the animal crackers box, don't make them get into the raisin box instead. If that box is occupied, ask the Cast Member if you can wait until next time and get into the seat of their dreams.
    • In case the wait is making your kids anxious, you can play a fun game of "I spy" with all the cute things around you.
    • Look for the one four-leaf clover among the 74 three-leafed ones
    • Very small riders may not be able to see out over the sides of the ride vehicles and lap sitting is not allowed for safety reasons. You can watch for a minute to see whether you think it's too high or not.
    • People give Flik's Flyers higher ratings than I would have expected on Yelp. You can read some of them here.

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    Fun Facts About Flik's Flyers

    Flik's Flyers
    William Zain/Flickr/CC BY-NC 2.0

    The closest restroom is next to Flik's Fliers - in a "tissue box." Just look for it when you're there and you'll see what I mean.

    To get into Flik’s Fun Fair, you will pass through an empty box of Cowboy Crunchies cereal, turned into a tunnel something that was featured Disney/Pixar's “Toy Story 2.”

    One of the ride vehicles is a Casey Jr. Cookies box, which is a subtle reference to Casey Jr. from Dumbo.

    Flik's Flyers is similar to the Blowfish Balloon Race at Tokyo DisneySea.