How to Get to and from Seville Airport

Silhouette of people standing by window in Seville Airport, Andalucia, Spain.
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Seville is in the west of Andalusia in southern Spain, about 100 kilometers from the coast. Seville Airport (SVQ) is the sixth busiest inland airport in Spain and is the main airport serving western Andalusia and nearby provinces. From the Seville airport, you can connect to flights taking you to 42 destinations around Europe and Northern Africa. Below are details of how to get from Seville city center to Seville's airport.

Buses to and From Seville Airport

With a large number of flights arriving in Seville (or Sevilla in Spanish), there is a regular bus to and from the airport. The most central bus stop is near the Prado de San Sebastian bus station and it passes by the main train station (San Justa). Note that there are two bus stations in Seville and San Sebastian is the one furthest from downtown (the bus station in the center is called Plaza de Armas).

Taxis to the Bus Stations and Airport

If you are planning to get a taxi to the bus station to catch a bus to the airport, it makes sense to miss out the bus station completely and take a taxi straight to the airport, especially if you are traveling in a group (taxis in the center can be delayed heavily by traffic - you may end up paying 10 € just to get to the bus station, whereas a taxi straight to the airport has a flat fee of under 31 €).

How to Get from Seville to Other Destinations in Spain

Seville's main train station is called San Justa and is well connected—a train to Madrid takes just 2.5 hours. The bus from the airport stops outside San Justa. Travel by bus is a little complicated—there are two bus stations in Seville and the one you arrive at from the airport (Prado de San Sebastian) is unlikely to be the one you want (most buses leave from Plaza de Armas) and you'll need a taxi to get between the two. If you are not planning on staying in Seville but don't know which bus station you want, get a taxi from the airport and ask your taxi driver which station you need (he should have rudimentary English skills).

Things to Do in Seville

Seville is one of the two grandest cities in Andalusia along with Granada. Its Gothic Cathedral, where Christopher Columbus is entombed, Giralda Tower, and Alcázar castle complex are all very popular with tourists.

Seville, along with San Sebastian, is one of the most popular places to find tapas bars in Spain. With an estimated 4,000 bars lining the streets of this capital city of Andalusia, there is no shortage of tapas for both residents and visitors. 

A popular time to go to Seville is during Semana Santa, or Holy Week prior to and including Easter. The celebrations and processions are elaborate and draw people from all over the world Every day from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, large, life-size sculptures showing the biblical scenes of the Passion of Christ are carried from the smaller churches to the cathedral by solemn parishioners.

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