REVIEW: Flic Spa in Bloomfield, New Jersey

Like a Trip to The Islands

Flic Spa
Credits: Flic Spa

Can't afford to get away to the islands? Try Flic Spa in Bloomfield, New Jersey. It's in a downtown storefront, but you'll feel like you've gone to an exotic island. Co-owners Oliver Dimaya, a former principal dancer for Philippine Dance Company, and Lerrick Santos, an Estee Lauder alumn, are both owners AND therapists, which is always a good sign. They care!  And they have control!

They both have a passion for creating beautiful, exotic surroundings and treatments you won't find anywhere else. "I want people to feel like they went away on vacation," says Oliver.  I tried the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, performed with virgin coconut oil infused with frangipani blossoms.  It is not inexpensive at $180 for 90 minutes, but truly worth it.

It started with a rose petal foot bath. I settled into the comfortable chair and slipped my feet into the copper basin filled with warm water and rose petals.  The lights were low, and a floating tea light was simply lovely. It was a wonderful way to wind down before the massage. Incredibly, this is part of every sixty-minute service, but it doesn't cut into your massage time.

Spa Treatments As An Art Form

Oliver did the massage himself, bringing all his creative and healing powers to his work. His repertoire of massage techniques include lomi-lomi, Reiki, chi-gong, Tui-Na and Shiatsu. "You never get the same exact massage," he says. "I want people to feel like they went away on vacation -- and it's a different place every time." He really does approach massage as a dance, an art form, and it's beautiful.  Afterwards he led me to a one-person infra-red sauna in the wet room, where I sipped on a fresh coconut water (served in the coconut) and read a book about island vacation homes.


Other specialty massages include Balinese Jamu, a deep, flowing Indonesian full-body massage performed with fragrant oil of lemongrass, and Philippine Hilot, a traditional healing massage from the Philippine archipelago.  Performed with virgin coconut oil infused with sampaquita flower essences, the massage uses assisted stretches and trigger point healing to releases blocked channels and encourages energy flow.

Slimming Body Treatments

Flip Spa also specializes in slimming body treatments that include a rinse with  The "Slim and Tone" starts with a salt glow to invigorate the skin and boost circulation.  Then a cocktail of slimming actives -- extracts of algae, green tea, red vine and essential oils  -- is applied to the body.  You're wrapped and kept warm so the anti-oxidants, polyphenols and minerals can absorb into your body and promote the natural elimination process.  Afterwards, its all washed off in a Vichy shower, which feels fantastic.


Oliver wants locals to feel like they're on vacation. But this treatment is worth a trip to Bloomfield.The original location is in downtown Bloomfield, but they added a second location atIlluminate the skin with an invigorating salt glow, followed by a powerful deep cleansing body mask naturally rich in minerals from refined marine elements. A heated wrap soothes away tension while encouraging the natural elimination of toxins and excess water.

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