Flea Off Market

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    What is Flea Off Market?

    Flea Off Market in Louisville, KY.
    Image © Mali Anderson

    Flea Off Market is a marketplace on Jefferson and Market St. The exact location is 1007 E. Jefferson St., at the end of Baxter Avenue. The bazaar is open on Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. (it actually closes at 5 p.m. on Sunday). Yet, as Flea Off Market has gained popularity, the market has added other events. For example, these photos were taken at a Friday Night Market & Music. An evening event, from around 4-10 p.m., with vendors, food trucks, beer and live music. Flea Off Market hosts Friday night events the first weekend of each month. Yup, that is the same night as the popular Friday Night Trolley Hop.

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    What Is There to Buy at Flea Off Market?

    Flea Off Market in Louisville, KY.
    Image © Mali Anderson

    What are you looking for? Chances are you can find something to purchase at Flea Off Market. Treasures include beaded or glittery jewelry, clothing (both vintage and new options), handmade crafts, antiques, books, records, and more. There are even tarot card readers and vendors offering samples of Louisville-made wine. Many people come with a bit of extra cash and simply wander until something catches their eye. Alternately, some browse and make a mental note to bring money next month (Flea Off Market takes place the first weekend of the month, during the fair weather months).

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    What Kind of Food is Available at Flea Off Market?

    Flea Off Market in Louisville, KY.
    Image © Mali Anderson

    Is there food at The Flea? Yes! If you are hungry for a meal, you've come to the right spot. Food trucks flock to the Flea Off Market. There are crepes stuffed with savory or sweet filings, sandwiches, Poutine (French fries covered with cheese and gravy), bakery and much more. If you like the food from area food trucks, you’ll be salivating.

    Also, you can pick up some food to prepare at home since fresh produce is often available. A few of the Flea Off Market suppliers are the same farmers who sell vegetables to other area markets such as the popular Bardstown Road Farmers' Market.

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    Is Flea Off Market a Family-Friendly Event?

    Flea Off Market in Louisville, KY.
    Image © Mali Anderson

    There are many families at Flea Off Market. With entertainment for all ages, kids are frequently playing in groups and are involved in market activities. It is free fun for the whole family! For adults, there is alcohol served, beer and cocktails, but the crowd is friendly not rowdy. When there are bands playing, for instance, you are just as likely to see kids dancing as adults. There are all ages present at The Flea Off Market and some people bring their furry friends along, too. If you do bring a dog, have a leash for it and be respectful of the public aspect of the event. 

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    Can I Be a Vendor at The Flea?

    Maybe. It depends on what type of vendor you are and what relationship you want to establish with The Flea Off Market. There are no prerequisites to become a non-food vendor at the market. However, The Flea off Market is a local community showcase of artist, craftspersons, farmers (from one of the Top 5 Area Farms or from another prime local growing area), collectors, and anybody that just wants to have a yard sale. There is a cost involved, unless you are a non-profit organization or a farmer. If either of those descriptions apply to you, you could likely set up for free. For others, it depends on the space you are interested in—8x8 - $40 per day, 10x10 - $60 per day, 10X20 - $100 per day, snack vendors - $35 + 10% over $350 gross profit, food vendors - $60 + 10 % over $600 gross profit. All vendors need to talk with the organizers to establish a relationship.

    For more information, visit the Flea Off Market Facebook page.