Flamenco and Jazz Festivals in Spain

Flamenco artists, being such traditionalists, don't use the internet much, and in classic Spanish style, it is very difficult to find out if these events will run in future years. Always check with the websites before you make other arrangements.

There is also a touring flamenco festival that travels all over the world each year. Read more about FF World.

Flamenco Festivals in Madrid and Barcelona

  • May - Flamenco Festival Corral de Moreria Single-venue flamenco festival at one of the most famous flamenco tablaos in the world. In Madrid. 
  • Late May - Ciutat Flamenco, Barcelona
  • July and August Gran Gala de Flamenco in Barcelona.
  • May to October - Gran Festival Flamenco More a season than a festival, really. At the beautiful modernist Palau de la Musica in Barcelona. Events once every week or two throughout the season.
  • Throughout June Suma Flamenca in Madrid, Spain, is the capital's biggest flamenco festival.
  • July and August - Veranos de la Villa, Madrid, Spain. General music and dance festival that contains several flamenco shows.

Flamenco Festivals in Andalusia, Spain


Jazz Festivals in Spain

There was a lot of crossover between jazz and flamenco in the twentieth century. Any guitar festival in Spain will usually have some element of jazz or flamenco, or jazz-flamenco!

If there is no flamenco festival on at the time you are in Spain, check out the program of one of these jazz festivals instead.

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