4 Seasonal Brooklyn Bars

Sunny Spots to Have a Cocktail

It's spring and everything is in bloom, including some local watering holes. These five seasonal bars open in the spring and close in the fall, and are the perfect place to celebrate the great weather. Drink beer and dine on hot dogs at the local favorite, Gowanus Yacht Club on bustling Smith Street in Carroll Gardens or enjoy a drink at the Brooklyn Bridge Bar in scenic Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

If you're planning a trip to Brooklyn in the warmer months, you must include a night at one (or all!) of these spots. 

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Swan Dive

Swan Dive
Alison Lowenstein

This seasonal festive pop-up beer garden is located next to the Gowanus Canal and attracts a vibrant crowd. Grab a spot at a picnic table, order a brew or a cocktail from the bar, and indulge in their menu of tasty BBQ (vegetarians can chow down on deviled eggs & corn). Despite the canal being a Superfund site known for its funky smell and toxic water, the ambiance at Swan Dive is unbeatable. Stop by and play corn hole (bean bag toss) and soak in the atmosphere. This is also a great spot if you want to experience authentic "hipster" Brooklyn nightlife. If you happen to be traveling to the city with kids, Swan Dive is kid-friendly during the day. Neighborhood folks bring their kids to frolic while they relax at a picnic table. It's currently closed for the season. Follow Swan Dive on Instagram and Twitter for updates on the upcoming season.

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Ruby's Bar and Grill

Enjoy a beer and a knish at Ruby’s Bar on the boardwalk. Ruby's opened for the season in March. It will be open on weekends throughout April. The historic family-owned has been around since the 1970’s, but the building dates back to the 30’s when it was the Hebrew National Deli. Parts of the 1920’s original Coney Island boardwalk were used to construct the tables, bar, and ceiling at this Coney Island seaside bar. Grab a seat at the bar and hear tales about this beach town, as you enjoy your brew. And you should note that The Travel Channel rated Ruby’s the 14th Sexiest Beach Bar in the World.

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The Brooklyn Barge

This unique bar debuted last year ​and was featured as one of the Six Ways to Celebrate Spring in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Barge Bar opens for the season this May, check their website for the opening date. Enjoy a drink at this seasonal Greenpoint bar housed on a barge and enjoy drinking at a truly quirky spot in NYC. Dine on veggie burgers or a grilled and chilled cup of corn, while sipping a cold brew and enjoy a spring day on the NYC waterfront. The barge is docked, so you won't travel anywhere, but you'll definitely have a good time.

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Gowanus Yacht Club

You know it's officially t-shirt weather when the folks at Gowanus Yacht club, a seasonal dive bar, sets up shop on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens. Located above the F train Carroll Street Stop, next to a local bagel store, this makeshift bar is open from the spring until the fall. The beloved local haunt is the place to down cheap beer and eat hot dogs. In a stretch of Brooklyn that is becoming increasingly more high-end, this casual bar is a breath of fresh air. Locals flock there in the summer months and as you make your way toward the subway, you can hear the laughter from the perpetual party at the Gowanus Yacht Club. This is a definite stop on any warm weather visit to Brooklyn. 

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