First Visit to Las Vegas?

Tips for the First Time Visitor to Las Vegas

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It’s your first time in Las Vegas? Perfect, everything is new to you, so you should have a fabulous time discovering what everybody is so excited about. First, this is a marathon, not a race. Your first trip to Las Vegas is like a research mission that will have you trying new things and getting excited about the endless possibilities. You will have fun but you will also be dying to come back.

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Before we get going are you:

  • Looking for the Tourist Experience?
    • You want to experience Las Vegas for all its attractions and “Vegasness.” Yes, you will drink a Margarita out of a giant plastic cup, you will stand in front of Bellagio and enjoy the free show and you might just seek out the Elvis impersonators. Your food experiences might be expensive and cheap all rolled into one.
  • Looking for a Family Vacation?
    • You want the kids to have a good time, you will spend time at the pools and the afternoon shows geared toward the kids. You might also look for a few arcades as well as food courts. You might go off strip for some adventure as well.
  • Looking for a Never Ending Party?
    • You will most likely forgo sleep for a few days of testing the abilities of your liver. Oh, you will probably dance more than you have ever wanted. You will most likely be very flirtatious. You might even make a few bad decisions. You will go home more tired than when you arrived.
  • Looking to Gamble non-stop?
    • You double down, raise, throw the bones, bet on black, let it ride, check the spread, you do it all. You are the one who gets into town and starts making plans for the extra money that will soon reside in your pocket.
  • Looking for a Culinary Adventure?
    • You will search high and low for the very best when it comes to feeding your passion. Food! Celebrity chefs, inventive cuisine and decadent meals are what you crave and Las Vegas is ground zero for that experience.
  • Looking to be Entertained?
    • You have heard about the shows and you want to see them all. You want to experience Las Vegas from the showrooms, comedy clubs and concert halls. From the free shows to the production shows you want to be entertained.
  • Looking for a Budget Vacation?
    • You want to get to Las Vegas for as little as possible and get a taste of the Vegas experience for as little as possible. Cheap hotels, cheap food, cheap entertainment, that explains your idea of a vacation.


Looking for resources on coupons, deals, reservations and tickets in Las Vegas? Research a little and you could possibly save a lot.

Once again, understand that Las Vegas means different things to different people. When someone suggests something to you try to imagine what their idea of fun is and go from there. You might be seeking something entirely different than the norm or you just might be looking for something different than what you typically expect. One thing that is for sure is that you will want to come back soon to see and do all the things you missed out on your first visit.

Where You’ll Be Doing In Las Vegas?


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