A First-Person Account of the Escape Room

Escape Room Pittsburgh is Among the City's Newest Attractions

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Escape Room Pittsburgh is among the city’s newest and most fun attractions. Located in the city’s Greenfield neighborhood, Escape Room combines problem-solving, puzzles, teamwork, and friendly competition. At Escape Room, teams are locked in a themed room and have an hour to try to outsmart the room’s logic games and puzzles, ultimately leading to an escape.

I tried out the Escape Room with my family, and here’s a first-person account (no spoilers, no secrets, don’t worry):

Our group of 13 arrived at Escape Room about 20 minutes early. The staff asked us to wait outside to shield us from potentially hearing other teams shout codes or information that we might need for our own Escape Room experience.

When our turn arrived, our group split up into two teams -- six of us (including me) headed for the Prison Escape Room; the others went to Dr. Stein’s Laboratory.

Before beginning, Escape Room staff explained the history of the Escape Room concept and how it began here in Pittsburgh. We learned that the escape rate for the Escape Room is about 30 percent.

At this point, some of us were feeling a bit timid about being locked in a room for 60 minutes, and the staff assured us that we could leave the room if necessary. The staff also told us that they’d be watching and listening to our game and may slide clues under the door. If the hour passed and we didn’t escape, the staff promised to let us out and show us the how to solve the puzzle.

The six of us headed to our prison cell and were locked in handcuffs to the prison bars. Our first mission: Get out of the cuffs, then try to escape the room. Unlocking the cuffs was difficult for us, and at this point I started to feel nervous. Naturally competitive, I started to think “What if we never even remove the handcuffs, let alone solve the room’s riddles?”

Eventually a staff member dropped by with a hint, and we cracked the code. As we plotted our escape from the room, it was remarkable to see everybody join together as a team, different sub-groups breaking off to solve different pieces of the puzzle. Each player contributed, and each player brought his or her own strengths -- some of us good with mechanical thinking, others with words, others with numbers, and some with clear common-sense know-how and direction.

An iPad in the room contains clues, but using the clues deducts points from the overall score. We decided to use several clues, determining together that getting out the room was the ultimate goal, even if we lost a few points.

After 45 minutes of thinking and struggling, we escaped the prison! And a few minutes later, the rest of our group escaped from Dr. Stein’s Laboratory.

We all enjoyed the visit so much, we’re planning another Escape Room trip to switch rooms this time.

Before your visit, make sure to sign up in advance either online or in person at Escape Room.


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