Check Out the CR-1 - The First All Carbon Travel Trailer

The CR-1 is the first of its kind to hit the RV market

CR-1 Carbon Trailer
Global Caravan Technologies, Inc

Solid construction is one of the best overall indicators of any machine and it’s no different in the world of RVing, you want your ride to be built deftly and with strong materials. There are several things that an RV can be constructed out of such as aluminum, steel, fiberglass or carbon fiber but what if there was an RV made entirely out of that last one, carbon fiber? Well thanks to Global Caravan Technologies, now there is.

This innovative RV company just unveiled a peek at their latest masterpiece, the all carbon fiber CR-1. Let’s get an in-depth look at the CR-1 including the reasoning for all of that carbon fiber, some of its other amenities and how you can get your hands on one. 

A Closer Look at the Global Caravan Technologies CR-1 

It took quite the team to develop the CR-1, Global Caravan Technologies (GCT) had input from aerospace engineers, Chinese development experts, Purdue University and even Indy Car engineers to come up with the carbon fiber CR-1. So why carbon fiber? Simple, carbon fiber is not only extremely strong but surprisingly light, which means you’ll get a strong RV capable of handling all types of conditions without the typical weight load of stronger materials such as steel. 

There’s really only one word to describe the all-black carbon fiber travel trailer, sleek. While the carbon fiber construction looks great and performs extremely well, that’s not the only advantage to owning one of these slick travel trailers. There’s nothing else on the market that’s made or looks and feels quite like the CR-1.

CR-1 Amenities and Features 

The CR-1 comes with some great amenities and features rather than just the carbon fiber construction. Standard amenities on the CR-1 include a bonded construction for great moisture protection and keeping the outdoors out, a walkthrough (yes I said walkthrough) master bath with customizable options, an entertainment and living area towards the rear of the trailer, a luxurious interior that combines the strength of carbon fiber with the elegance of leather, marine hardware for added durability, custom-designed exterior lighting and you get all of this designed on an aerodynamic body design that not only looks great but will give the operator an easier ride.


And those are just the standard features, other optional features include smart control on your tablet or smartphone to control privacy glass, entertainment features and other elements, an integrated generator, solar power, satellite TV and Wi-Fi, run-flat tires, outdoor awnings and even washer and dryers. The possibilities are endless for you can customize, add, and change up the interior and some of the exterior of this recreational vehicle.

Most of these standard features and options are almost customizable so you can further separate yourself from the pack with your own custom CR-1. There’s no way around it, the CR-1 is a beautiful RV and comes with the interior and exterior features to back up its innovative body design and construction. 

How to Buy a CR-1 RV

Unfortunately, you can’t just go to your local RV dealer and walk off the lot with one of these bad boys. But hold your horses before you scramble to get one on the RV lot as the CR-1 is just the first of many new luxury carbon fiber models that GCT plans on releasing. If you’re wondering about the price tag, early indicators point to the CR-1 ranging in price from 100 to 700 thousand dollars depending on the options and features you want on yours. These are one of the more expensive options on the market and not for the faint of heart.

If you’re a true adventurer and looking for a unique way to RV, the CR-1 might be it.

Even with a potentially hefty price tag, you can’t argue that the RV world was due for a beautiful carbon fiber travel trailer that combined engineering brilliance, cutting-edge technology, and luxury all in one..