3 Mexico City Restaurants on World's Top 50 List

Mexico City is among the world's great food cities. You'll find scrumptious street food, market stalls brimming with delicious treats as well as the freshest ingredients, mid- range restaurants that serve up excellent local and international fare, as well as some gourmet restaurants that rank among the world's best.

In 2015, three of Mexico City's restaurants have been recognized as being among the top 50 in the world, with their inclusion on the highly regarded World's 50 Best Restaurants List. The list is organized by William Reed Media and sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna. It is based on a poll of almost one thousand independent experts, among them are food writers, critics, chefs, restaurateurs, and gastronomes. 

See the full list of the World's 50 Best Restaurants or read on to learn about the Mexico City restaurants on the list.

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Pujol Restaurant

Pujol Taco
Courtesy Pujol

Located in the swanky Polanco district of Mexico City, Pujol has shown up on the Top 50 List for the past 5 years. Chef Enrique Olvera brings his personal vision to Mexican staples, creating an innovative culinary experience that includes street food items like esquites (corn on the cob) and tacos, elevating them to a sublime new level.

Chef Olvera is a Mexico City native, but studied at the Culinary Institute of America in New York. He opened Pujol in 2000 and has several other projects ongoing, including Eno, a small chain of cafe-restaurants in Mexico City, as well as restaurants in San Miguel de Allende (Moxi), Playa del Carmen (Maíz de Mar) and New York (Cosme). 

Pujol was ranked the number 16 restaurant in the world in 2015.

Website: pujol.com.mx

Address: Francisco Petrarca 254, Colonia Polanco, Distrito Federal, 11570 México

Phone: +52(55) 5545 4111 | +52(55) 5545 3507

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Quintonil Restaurant

Inside Quintonil
City Foodsters/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
Fine Dining

The emphasis in this restaurant is on fresh, seasonal ingredients, as well as local herbs and grains, as its name suggests (Quintonil is the name of an edible leafy green vegetable). Chef Jorge Vallejo previously worked at Pujol and opened this restaurant in March 2012. He is recognized for crafting elegant, tasty dishes while maintaining a commitment to reducing the ecological footprint of his food. Much of the fresh produce used in its dishes is sourced from Quintonil's own urban orchard. The result is memorable dishes that are rich in both flavor and nutritional value.

Quintonil was ranked number 35 restaurant in the world in 2015.

Address: Newton 55, Colonia Polanco, Distrito Federal, 11560 México

Phone: +52(55) 5280-2680 | +52(55) 5280-1660 | +52(55) 5280-0254

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Biko Restaurant

Carpacho y Pipian at Biko Restaurant
Courtesy Biko

Executive chef Mikel Alonso is French by birth but he considers himself both Basque and Mexican in his heart. Along with Spanish head chefs Bruno Oteiza and Gerard Bellver, he combines the best of Mexico and Spain by creatively combining Basque flavors with fresh Mexican ingredients. 

Biko ranked number 37 restaurant in the world in 2015.

Website: www.biko.com.mx

Address: Presidente Masaryk 407 Colonia Polanco, Distrito Federal 11550 México

Phone: + (52)55 5282 2064

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram