Finding Authentic Cuisine On Your Louisiana Road Trip

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Southern cuisine has always been one of the most distinctive parts of any trip or visit to Louisiana, and for those who do enjoy their food, and particularly seafood, then you will find a lot of interesting and tasty dishes on offer in this particular area. There are several influences to be seen in the local cuisine here coming from the diverse population, while you will also see some significant differences between the cuisine in the coastal areas and the inland areas of the state. Finding good local food is really easy here, as there are so many great restaurants worth trying.



An Introduction To Louisiana Cuisine


There are some wonderful ingredients produced in the area that are found in Louisiana cuisine, and the influences that can be found in the food often include Cajun and Creole elements, with influences including the French style of cooking particularly prevalent in New Orleans, and the West African, Amerindian and European styles too. You will find plenty of international cuisine in the restaurants in the state, but if you look out for those Cajun and Creole restaurants, you will find some wonderful dishes.


Key Dishes To Try


Soups and stews are among the iconic dishes to be found in Louisiana, and you will find that Gumbo and Turtle Soup are among the most common dishes on the menu here. Jambalaya is another dish that is made using a mix of ingredients, while a crawfish boil is a particular type of event dish that is cooked in large pots in fairs and community events. Wild animal meat can also be seen more commonly in Louisiana than elsewhere in the country, and this can include alligator, snake and rabbit among others.


Top 5 Places To Try Louisiana's Best Food




Famous for its wonderful gumbos with their extra dark roux base, this Lafayette restaurant is home to some wonderful options, with the menu including duck, pheasant, quail and a whole host of swamp animals too. Like any good Louisiana restaurant, they have a crawfish staple, with this shellfish prepared in a wonderful enchilada.


Lafitte's Landing


In the heart of Cajun Country, this Donaldsonville restaurant is the culinary base of chef John Folse, who is known for his excellent take on Cajun and Creole traditional dishes. The restaurant is run alongside a bed and breakfast, so if you do want to enjoy a few glasses of your favorite tipple after a great meal, then this is a good place to stop.


Steamboat Bills


This excellent seafood restaurant in Lake Charles has a good reputation among locals and travelers alike, and when you sit down to enjoy one of the fresh fish or shellfish dishes next to a local, then you know you are on to a good thing. Boiled shrimp is a classic Louisiana specialty, while the Crawfish Etouffe is a wonderful spicy shellfish stew served over rice and presented with a fried bread roll.


The Chimes Restaurant


Decorated with international flags and with wooden tables throughout the restaurant, this bustling place in Baton Rouge is very popular and home to some of the best Creole dishes in the area. Among the favorites on the menu is the shrimp po'boy and the shrimp gumbo, while the blackened alligator is a nod to the traditional meat that is eaten in many areas of the state.




A Shreveport restaurant that celebrates its eightieth birthday in 2016, Herby-K's is a location that takes some French influence and adds it to the classic dishes of the region. While there are many great options on the menu, the Shrimp Buster is a house special, and is a large sandwich stuffed with shrimp, and smothered in their secret, but delicious Shrimp Buster sauce.


Southern cuisine is a real treat and can consist of many different mixtures of ingredients. Give your taste buds a vacation of a lifetime and take them to Louisiana.